Best Time to Visit Dubai

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  • JanAvg Daily: 23 ° CAvg Nightly: 14 ° C
  • FebAvg Daily: 23 ° CAvg Nightly: 15 ° C
  • MarAvg Daily: 27 ° CAvg Nightly: 17 ° C
  • AprAvg Daily: 21 ° CAvg Nightly: 20 ° C
  • MayAvg Daily: 37 ° CAvg Nightly: 24 ° C
  • JunAvg Daily: 38 ° CAvg Nightly: 26 ° C
  • JulAvg Daily: 40 ° CAvg Nightly: 29 ° C
  • AugAvg Daily: 41 ° CAvg Nightly: 30 ° C
  • SepAvg Daily: 38 ° CAvg Nightly: 27 ° C
  • OctAvg Daily: 35 ° CAvg Nightly: 23 ° C
  • NovAvg Daily: 31 ° CAvg Nightly: 19 ° C
  • DecAvg Daily: 26 ° CAvg Nightly: 16 ° C
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Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Besides admiring its ultramodern buildings and enjoying great entertainment, you can visit a desert, swim in the Persian Gulf and ski in one day. Also, Dubai is one of the best places in the world for buying luxury goods because of significant savings. Since the city is a great holiday destination, you should know the best time to visit Dubai

November to March is the best time to visit Dubai
To see the best that Dubai has to offer, visit between November and March
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Quick Facts

  • High Season: November to March
  • Low Season: May to September
  • All Seasons: November to March (high season), April (shoulder season), May to September (low season) and October (shoulder season).

November to March is a good time to travel to Dubai due to pleasant weather, which you allow you to enjoy various outdoor activities.  April is the second best time to go to Dubai. It is ideal for spending time on the beaches. Temperatures are on the rise, but it isn't very humid. 

The low season has high temperatures. Although the rainfall is low, the humidity levels are very high. Activities on the beach are risky because of the possibility of heat stroke. This season is good for sales hunters. Hotel rates are lower compared to the period from November to March, but not much.

October is a good month for visiting Dubai. Intense summer heats are over and the weather is warm. Hotel rates start to increase during this month.

Seasonal Overview

1. November to March – High Season


High season months are the best time to visit Dubai
Beaches in Dubai are lovely to visit during the high season months
November to March are the best time to visit Dubai for desert safaris
Desert safaris are a top thing to do in Dubai


The winter season is the best time to visit Dubai. It has mild temperatures that are ideal for outdoor activities. Hence, you can relax on the beach, set off on a safari and enjoy water sports. Dubai receives most tourists in the high season and the related expenses are the highest. Winter has the highest rainfall.

  • Average temperature: 14°C - 31°C / 57°F - 88°F 
  • Average humidity: 61% (fine - in November), 64% (pleasant - in December), 65% (pleasant - in January), 65% (pleasant - in February), 63% (pleasant - in March) 
  • Rainfall: around 90 mm for the entire period
  • Season: Dry / Winter
  • Highlights: Winter is the right time for visiting Dubai for everyone who wishes to take part in a desert safari. In December, you can benefit of Christmas sales. Also, you should attend the Shopping Festival, which starts in December and ends in January. In February, come to enjoy popular music events and Dubai Food Festival. March is the month reserved for art events and a big book festival.

2. April – Shoulder Season

The shoulder season, April may be the best time to visit Dubai
In April, the waters are warmer than other seasons in Dubai 


April is the second best time to go to Dubai. Temperatures get higher compared to the high season, but they are still good for outdoor activities. In accordance, the water is warmer and ideal for people who don't like to swim in cooler water. This shoulder season has some interesting public events.

  • Average temperature: 20°C - 32°C / 68°F - 90°F 
  • Average humidity: 55% (fine) 
  • Rainfall: 10 mm
  • Season: Dry / Spring
  • Highlights: April is the ideal month for the activities on the beach. During this period, you can enjoy the annual Middle East Film and Comic Con. April is the time when the Al Marmoum Heritage Festival stages camel races in the desert. If you like races, you can also enjoy the Dubai World Cup, a big horse race. Finally, come to Dubai to attend the Bride Show if you plan to get wed soon.

3. May to September – Low Season

May to September might not be the best time to visit Dubai
Humidity levels and temperatures are at their highest during May to September


Summer is not a good time to visit the city unless you plan to stay indoors. Temperatures of the air are very high and the water of the Persian Gulf is hot. More so, humidity levels are at their highest although there is almost no rain in summer here. If you visit the city during this period, you will benefit of somewhat lower hotel deals.

  • Average temperature: 24°C - 41°C / 75°F - 106°F 
  • Average humidity: 53% (humid - in May), 58% (humid - in June), 56% (very humid - in July), 57% (very humid - in August), 60% (humid - in September)
  • Rainfall: around 50 mm for the entire period
  • Season: Dry / Summer
  • Highlights: In June, Ramadan takes place in the city. The 10-week Dubai Summer Surprises festival stages sales and many events related to art, food, fun and more. If you are a fan of sports, the indoor Dubai Sports World in July is what you should look for. Eid al-Adha in September is a big Muslim celebration.

4. October – Shoulder Season

October is the best time to visit Dubai
Summer heat slowly decreases around October and the influx of tourists increases in Dubai


October is a transition period in the city. The summer heat decreases faster than the water temperature. The number of tourists increases, as well as travel expenses.

  • Average temperature: 23°C (73°F) - 35°C (95°F). 
  • Average humidity: 60% (humid) 
  • Rainfall: 10 mm
  • Season: Dry/Fall
  • Highlights: Art and fashion events come with the cooler days to the city. So, make sure to check out the Motexha Textile Show and the Dubai Downtown Design. Also, don't miss the Fashion Forward platform.

You can visit this magnificent city depending on various interests. You can use winter and shoulder seasons to be outdoors and for the activities in the desert. Summers are ideal for shopping and attending many great indoor events.

Published by Jane Andersen, updated on April 29, 2021
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    Hanna OmarSep 27 2018REPLY
    I went to Dubai twice. Once it was during the shopping festival season. Since i am a shopping person, i enjoyed every bit of the trip and i got lots of discounts and offers on clothing's and electronic items. The other visit was during the month of October where it was really hot. That time we spent our day at the shopping malls in Dubai, mainly at the Mall of the Emirates ( where they had Ski Dubai, which was one of the biggest attractions in Dubai.
  2. Z
    ZeiraMar 07 2018REPLY
    Nice read :) I would recommend the high season - November to March. Christmas, Music events, Food Festival, Art events, books and everything is there during this period. Currently Dubai Food Festival 2018 is going on and the deals and offers are amazing.