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Ethiopia Wildlife Tours 2018/2019

3 Wildlife Tours with 23 Reviews

  • Camp under a blanket of stars in the Ethiopian countryside
  • See the towering obelisks of Aksum
  • Get up to speed on modern Ethiopia in Addis Ababa
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Ethiopian Highlands Northbound

of 9 reviews
Travel to Africa and tour Ethiopia on a trip from Addis Ababa to Gonder. Discover... ... Read More
  • Starts/Ends Addis Ababa/Gonder View Map
  • Operator Intrepid Travel Active 1 day ago
  • Tour Type Group Tour
From US$ 2,393 21 days View Tour
  • Spot Ethiopia's exotic wildlife on a game drive
  • Be amazed by the pink brilliance of flocks of flamingos
  • Experience distinct local cultures and traditions in the Omo Valley
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Ethiopian Explorer

of 1 review
Travel to Ethiopia and discover unique and beautiful places on this journey through the heart... ... Read More
  • Starts/Ends Gonder/Nairobi View Map
  • Operator Intrepid Travel Active 1 day ago
  • Tour Type Group Tour
From US$ 5,280 44 days View Tour
  • Meet friendly tribespeople in the Omo Valley and learn about the many different tribal identities in the region.
  • Visit the Awassa Children's Project and see how donations get put to good use.
  • Look for the elusive Simien red fox in Bale Mountains National Park and climb the summit of Tulu Dimtu for spectacular views.
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Omo To Addis

Often overlooked, Ethiopia’s spectacular nature reserves and diverse tribal communities are ripe for exploration. Go... ... Read More
  • Starts/Ends Arba Minch/Addis Ababa View Map
  • Operator Intrepid Travel Active 1 day ago
  • Tour Type Group Tour
From US$ 1,980 15 days View Tour
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Ethiopia Tour Reviews

4.7 - Excellent Based on 23 customer reviews
Ethiopian Odyssey Reviewed Tour: Ethiopia in Depth
5 - Excellent
“This was a fascinating journey through northern Ethiopia. We saw churches and monasteries galore, each one interesting for its paintings or architecture, often hewn out of the living rock. The road journeys were long but the scenery and the sheer engineering feats involved made it worthwhile. Accommodation throughout was much better than I'd anticipated; we had en suite facilities in all hotels and hot water was usually available.”
Ethiopia in depth Reviewed Tour: Ethiopia in Depth
5 - Excellent
“A fantastic trip to an amazing country. The travelling was sometimes long and hard but the scenery and sights made it all totally worthwhile.”
Ethiopia in Depth - Timkat Depature Reviewed Tour: Ethiopia in Depth
4 - Very Good
“A very enjoyable trip in a very interesting country. Ethiopia is a fast growing and exciting country, and within Africa, a population second only to Nigeria. The infrastructure is improving fast and its mainly young population are starting to enjoy the freedoms of an education and an emerging confident country. The rural areas remain very poor, but infrastructure, including electricity and improved irrigation and transport links, mean that Ethiopia is no longer the barren, drought prone region imagined by most westerners. In fact, during the rainy season, it must be one of the greenest countries in Africa, and the people are generally very friendly and welcoming. Addis in particular is something of a building site, but most of the other towns have concrete shells intended as future apartment blocks and hotels, and there are apparently more university graduates than jobs in many areas - so the future of the country appears bright - although there are still challenges with over-population and the amount of available land for farming. Most people are still subsistence farmers, and the economy is yet to open fully (you can't own land for example), and if the population is to continue growing, more efficient methods of farming will need to be adopted. However, Ethiopia is already a generally good place to travel. The hotels are good and clean, and despite the worries of others, hot water is generally available, and most places have Wi-Fi of varying quality. The country also yet, hasn't become a tourist mecca, meaning you will not have the place to yourself, but you certainly won't be experiencing the crowds of other more well known destinations. The scenery is wonderful - I hadn't realized quite how mountainous most of the country is. We were there in the dry season, but it was clear that following the rains, when everything greens up, it must be spectacular. Ethiopia is also very culturally distinct from anywhere else I've been in Africa - things start to look very "Ethiopian" quite quickly, being a blend of Jewish, Arabic and both north and southern African, as well being close to Sudan, so it comes across as a real melting pot of cultures and ideas.”
A Wonderful Tour Reviewed Tour: Ethiopia in Depth
5 - Excellent
“Amazing culture, history and scenery.”
Ethiopia in Depth February 2015 Reviewed Tour: Ethiopia in Depth
4 - Very Good
“Wonderful mountain scenery and sights for the intrepid traveller.”
Fascinating country but challenging tourist infrastructure Reviewed Tour: Ethiopia in Depth: Timkat Festival
3 - Average
“Ethiopia is a lovely country with fascinating history, beautiful people and very unique culture. The tour itinerary was well developed where it covered main points of interests on the historical circuit in addition to attending a colorul Timkat festival. The tour was very organized from the logistics perspective (buses, hotels, flights) and everything went very smoothly. The quality of the hotels were the downside of the trip; however, it was my understanding that there were not too many choices in Ethiopia. If you choose to go on the trip, you shall be ready to tolerate very poor (unclean) accommodations, lack (or poor flow) of hot water and unreliable electricity in many of the hotels. The weather tend to flactuate during the day so you may want to bring clothes that allow layering. All is one, the experiences of the trip were very interesting.”
Ethiopia - Timket Festival Reviewed Tour: Ethiopia in Depth: Timkat Festival
5 - Excellent
“For the most part, exceeded expectations. The festival in Axum was a wonderful experience - pleasingly haphazard! Wildlife (particularly birds) better than anticipated”
Timkat Festival time! Reviewed Tour: Ethiopia in Depth: Timkat Festival
5 - Excellent
“What a brilliant trip in an amazing country. Every day was different and full of surprises ...the scenery was awesome and the smiles of the Ethiopians lit up each day.”
Simien Mountains - Spectacular, Amazing, Tough Reviewed Tour: The Simien Mountains Trek
5 - Excellent
“This is a challenging trek but very rewarding. It's challenging because of the many ascents and descents every day. The trip notes are accurate and there are some long 10 hour days - in the heat - which means the sight of the camp site is the best feeling ever! The trails are very rocky with many loose stones which means going down can be difficult - so you need to be sure footed. Very enjoyable. Loved it.”
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