As a kid born and bred in Cairo, I was always surrounded by the mystiques of Egypt and its rich history. Growing up here was great fun. It is always warm, so I was always outside playing, exploring and learning new things. My Dad used to travel a lot around Egypt as he was in charge of sales and marketing at one of the travel companies and my summer holidays were spent with him on the grounds. I used to tag along with him to different places in Egypt, which is when I first developed my love for traveling.

I earned my degree in interior design and during my last year at school, I went to help my uncle in Sharm el Shaikh at one of the most popular resorts in the Red Sea. I had a great time there meeting new people from all over the world. That experience revived my love for traveling and meeting new people. Hence, right after I finished school instead of working in interior design, I decided to take a job in the tourism industry. I started at a small hotel but went on to work for a tour operator in Cairo, helping individual travelers plan their holidays around Egypt. Then in 2006, I started Timeless Egypt with one of my best friends.

George's Travel Expertise

As a boy from Old Cairo, planning activities and trips around the city is something I enjoy a lot. I can give you in-depth knowledge as a local and show you places that are probably not mentioned in the best travel books or blogs involving the city. Besides, I can design a very detailed trip to Aswan, Luxor, Siwa, Dahab, and Hurghada as well. Speaking of Hurghada, a trip to the Red Sea is unavoidable. I highly recommend it and personally enjoy leading travelers around this area.

Expert Destinations

George's best travel experience

Back in 2010, there was this particular tour group traveling all over Egypt. The group had been assigned 8 tour guides but none of them had been to the Red Sea before and it was in the itinerary. Hence, I had to step in last minute. I flew from Cairo to Hurghada to help one of the tour guides with leading this part of the tour. It would have been a normal tour like any other, except it was in this group that I found the love of my life.

My now-wife, Sarah, and I got married in Cairo in 2011 next to the pyramids. It was a beautiful wedding with over 350 guests. When I think about it, I wasn't even meant to lead the group, but as fate would have it, I was there and so was my to-be-wife.

Why is George the right travel expert

I understand that time is of the essence and most travelers want to see the best of Egypt within their time frame. As a local, I aim to provide a comprehensive introduction to not only the famous sights of Egypt but the history and traditions that many tour operators tend to sideline. I want my clients to get a rich, fulfilling experience with the assistance of my personal and first-hand knowledge of the region. It is important to me that every traveler has a memorable and authentic experience, combined with the well-trodden, not-to-miss tourist spots and moments of real adventure and discovery.