1. Introduction

These Terms of Business of Suppliers of Tours and Bookers (henceforth: Terms) shall be applicable to the contract entered into between a user of the Bookmundi Booking Platform available at and the supplier, when such user makes a booking of a tour,  experience, ticket, adventure, or related product (henceforth: ‘Products’) offered and owned by such supplier, having made his Products available at Such user (henceforth also called a ‘booker’) and such supplier will in these Terms also be referred to as the contracting parties.

2. Acceptance of bookings

Only people who are authorized and can act in the name of the supplier can accept bookings by a booker on

If a supplier accepts a booking of a Product but subsequently finds out that the information provided by such booker when making a booking was intentionally not truthful, the supplier shall have the right to cancel the booking. For such cases the price already paid by the booker cannot be refunded.

3. Booker responsibilities

You are responsible for timely arrival at the Product meeting and starting point. Should you for some reason be delayed and provided that such delay significantly impedes the execution of the Product, the supplier is allowed to cancel the booking. In case of such cancellation, no money paid will be refunded to the booker.

As a booker you are responsible for full compliance of the conditions of participation of the Product. At the sole discretion of the supplier he can exclude you from participation of a booked Product provided that you are not in full compliance of the conditions of participation. For such cases, no refund can be made to participants who are not in compliance, provided that the supplier listed all such requirements of participation in the Product, at the time of booking.

Immediately after making payment the contract between you as a booker and the supplier of such Product will be concluded, provided that the supplier either immediately or within normally 48 hours accepts such booking. While our suppliers normally confirm pending bookings within 48 hours, at times they need more time to check up on hotel availability, ticketing etc. In making payment you are thus making a binding offer which will be valid for at least 168 hours (7 full days) after payment. In case the supplier does not accept your binding offer within such 168 hours, your offer to buy is no longer binding, unless the supplier's terms and conditions states otherwise. Whenever a supplier confirms or reject your pending booking, you will be notified via e-mail. After accepting a booking the supplier will provide the agreed services under his own behalf and at his own responsibility.

4. Contracting Parties

All bookings are made with the supplier offering the Product in question, not with Bookmundi. Bookmundi only facilitates the making of the reservations with the suppliers of Products. Bookmundi is not a party to the contract between you as a customer and the supplier of the Product and therefore has not responsibility or liability to you in respect of the terms of that contract whether directly or indirectly.

5. Payment

Upon requesting to make a booking of a Product with a supplier your credit card will be charged. However, if the supplier does not accept the booking within normally 48 hours, but up to 168 hours, you have the right to request the charged amount back to your account, if you do so before the booking is confirmed by the supplier. 

When making a booking, Bookmundi charges the full payment for some Products and for other Products Bookmundi merely charges a deposit after which the remaining payment is required to be made to the supplier directly upon arrival, or to Bookmundi. For any payment made on, all such payments are made to Bookmundi. 

With regards to all payments made on Bookmundi in connection with booking a Product, these payments are also covered by a financial travel guarantee made by the Danish Travel Fund, which Bookmundi is a member of. However, any payments made directly to any supplier are not covered by any guarantee made by the Danish Travel Fund.  

Whenever you make a payment on Bookmundi via Stripe, we will cover the credit card transaction fee. However, any foreign transaction fees charged by either your bank, card issuer or a third party will not be covered by Bookmundi. 

If you did not pay for the booked Product or if your credit card is revoked, your claim to receive the Product is cancelled. Such instance shall be regarded as a cancellation and the cancellation policy policy stated in point 6. below shall apply. 

After payment, the booker is responsible for showing up at the specified start date and time. In case the booker does not show up, this shall be regarded as a no-show, and hence, as a customer cancellation in which case no refund will be made, and full payment shall still be made to the supplier. Cancellation is not possible. 

6. Disclaimer on the right to cancel

After requesting to book a Product should the applicable law between the contracting parties grant you as a booker a right of cancellation in your favour, you waive such right, to the extent permitted by law.

7. Cancellation policy

7.1 Cancellation by the booker

If you cancel the Product the cancellation policy stated in the booking confirmation received is authoritative. Please therefore always read the booking confirmation carefully.

In case the supplier has not specified any cancellation policy in the booking confirmation received the following cancellation policy shall apply:

  • For Products with a duration of 1 day or less: The booker is entitled to cancel his booked Product up to 3 working days before the start date of the Product, in which case a full refund will be made.
  • For Products with a duration of 1 day or less: If the booker cancels a booked Product less than 3 days before the Product start date, or if the booker does not attend the Product whatever the reason maybe, the booker shall still pay the full price and no refund will be given to the booker.
  • For Products with a duration of more than 1 day: If you provide a notice of cancellation more than 60 days prior to the Product start date, only the Deposit paid is not returned. If you provide a notice of cancellation between 60-30 days prior to the Product start date, 50% of the total Product costs will be forfeited. If you provide a notice of cancellation less than 30 days prior to the Product start date 100% of the Product costs will be forfeited. 

If circumstances beyond the control of the booker hinders the booker in participating in the Product, the Product's normal cancellation terms shall still apply.

For communication of a cancellation notice, please inform Bookmundi in writing via Only notices communicated in the manner advised shall be valid, unless Bookmundi accepts another form of notice.

Any refund required to be made to the booker will be made within 22 working days to the credit card used, when initially making a booking.

If a payment was not made for the booked Product or if the credit card was revoked, this shall be regarded as a booking cancellation. In such case Bookmundi reserves a claim for further damages.

7.2 Cancellation by the supplier

Should circumstances beyond the control of the supplier hinder the supplier in carrying out the booked Product in safe manners, the supplier shall have the right to cancel the Product. In case of cancellation by the supplier, the booker will be offered one or both of the below two options: 

Option a) an option to postpone the Product to a future Product start date within 12 months from the date of cancellation, e.g. where the tour supplier offers the traveller a credit voucher to be used on the same tour. If the supplier incurs direct additional costs associated with offering such departure within 12 months, they may add such costs onto the Product for the booker to pay. However, under no circumstances may such costs exceed 20%. 

Option b) an option to get a full refund minus any deposit paid (and as a minimum minus 10% of the total Product price), and minus any direct costs already incurred by the supplier (no internal HR costs can be included herein). 

If circumstances beyond the control of the booker hinders the booker in participating in the Product, the Product's normal cancellation terms shall still apply. Nor the supplier and neither Bookmundi are responsible for any incidental expenses that the booker may have incurred as a result of the booking including but NOT limited to visas, vaccinations, travel insurance excess or non-refundable flights.

Should a supplier already have started to execute a Product but be forced to stop the execution of the Product before its end, due to circumstances beyond the control of the supplier hindering him in carrying out the Product in full, the supplier shall be permitted to cancel the Product. In such cases the supplier shall document all the direct costs incurred from the arrangements of the tour and the remaining amount shall be refunded to the booker. 

The supplier shall also have a right to exclude you as a booker from participating in the booked Product if you do not meet the participation requirements stated at the Product page booking the product or if you otherwise compromise the safety of yourself or others, or otherwise interferes with the proper conduct of the Product. For such cases you will not receive any refund of the booked Product.

For communication of a cancellation notice, please always use the method specified in either the booking confirmation or on Only notices communicated in the manner advised shall be valid.

8.0 Product changes

The supplier is allowed to make minor changes to the content of the Product if necessitated by unforeseeable or unpreventable circumstances. Please also note that in case of group tours, the group size may vary from departure to departure so the actual group size may vary from what is displayed on the Product page. 

9.0 Insurance for the booked Products

Unless otherwise stated insurance is not included in the booked Products. It is the your own responsibility as a booker to take out the necessary insurance to carry out the Product in safe manners.

10. Other conditions

10.1 Travel Credits

When booking some of the Products available on the Booking Platform,  Bookmundi may award you with a small percentage of the total Product price in travel credits (always less than 5% and never above USD 350 per booking made), which will be provided to you if the Product is confirmed and carried out, upon the Product's starting date, not sooner. You can use such travel credits to get discounts on future Products that you buy on Bookmundi. If you or the tour operator choose to cancel the Product the travel credits that you would have earned on the Product's starting date, will not be provided. Please also note that travel credits earned can only be used on Products costing more than USD 200 in total (not per person). 

Please note that if Bookmundi by a mistake assigns too many travel credits, i.e. more than 5% or above USD 350 of the total Product's price, or make a mistake relating with travel credits, we reserve the right to correct any such travel credits errors and cannot be held responsible for any such errors. 


Other conditions for the Product can be found on the Product page. Product conditions specified herein shall be applicable from the time of booking.

11. Time calculation and time zone

For time and date calculations the time zone of the supplier shall apply.

12. Liability of the supplier

The supplier shall be liable according to the applicable law, and according to the Cooperation Agreement signed with Bookmundi. 

13. Changes of this Agreement

These Terms can be changed by Bookmundi at any given point and time with immediate effect. The Terms governing a booking shall be the applicable Terms at the time of booking.

14. Legal relationship between the contracting parties

The legal relationship governing the contracting parties shall be governed in all cases according to the applicable law.

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