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Undiscovered goes back to the days when Sam and Marco were both broke, filling in at a London youth hostel.

Sam had just got home after a stint as a foreign correspondent on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and Marco was making music and short films.

Hanging out in the hostel was a way to help pay the rent, while staying in touch – however vicariously – with the travelling world they loved.

They spoke to a lot of travellers who were fed up with winding up at the usual tourist trap bars around Leicester Square and Covent Garden. There was no easy way for travellers to meet people, party and get to know some really good pubs and clubs at the same time.

Sam and Marco decided they could do something about this, while having fun and making some pocket money.

The Camden Pub Crawl was born. Small at first, just a handful of people partying around Camden a couple of nights a week, slowly more people started turning up as word spread…

Until one Friday night things kinda exploded and suddenly there were a hundred and more people all wanting do the Camden Pub Crawl. Marco and Sam looked at each other, and ordered a stiff drink.

Things have changed since then, with new tours, a bigger crew and our own London guide, but the idea is still the same: to show people a great time and introduce them to the real London.

We believe in treating all the people who work with us really well, having fun, and doing our bit to make the world a little better.

We’ve raised money for Breaks for Kids, the Japanese Tsunami Red Cross Appeal and University College London Hospital. Our most recent charity event was the 2014 National Hostel Football Cup. More than 100 players from youth hostels all over London and beyond took part to raise money for Kids Company – a charity working to support vulnerable inner city children in London. The event was accompanied, of course, by much pre and post tournament partying… Plans are already being made for the fourth annual National Hostel Football Cup in 2015 — it’s going to be the biggest yet!

And that’s just the beginning.

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Undiscovered London is the city's leading youth tourism company. Our goal is simple: to show people the London that we love.

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