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Iran Nomad Tours is a leading tour operator in the Eco-tourism sector in Iran since 2017.

We were a group of friends who went for trekking with a group of nomad families who were doing their seasonal migration to summer pastures. Then, we got the idea of establishing a social business so that on one hand, we could encourage nomad tribes to continue their precious lifestyle rather than abandoning their tents for living in cities, and on the other hand, we could provide the travelers with an authentic nomadic lifestyle experience.

With this notion, we started operating Iran Nomad Tours, in which, tourists accompany nomad families during their migration.

Positive feedback from our travelers has kept us operating Iran Nomad Tours.

Why book with Us

Iran Nomad Tours presents authentic travel experiences for those who seek both adventure and culture. We are the only tour operator in Iran who organize Kuch Tours (accompanying Nomads during their migration) to promote responsible and sustainable tourism because without Iran Nomads, an irreplaceable piece of Persian history would fade away. So, if you wish to dive into traditional Persian culture with Iran's indigenous people, you should come, travel and live with Iran Nomads.

We are going to provide you with an "off the beaten track" experience in Mount Zagros hinterlands where the Nomads live under the starry sky in their tents.

Our projects create mutual benefits for both the Nomads and travelers. We do our best not to disturb the Nomads' lifestyle, and that's why, we work with small groups only. Travelers would also get a unique insight into the life of nomads.

Our prices are quite reasonable.

With the help of translators, you will be able to learn more about the indigenous people of Iran and their cultures and lifestyle.

Our team has a strong commitment to quality and customer service. The guides have excellent knowledge of the nomads and the mountains.

We aim to provide a caring environment.

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