About Us

Experience Copenhagen as the locals - on a bicycle. Copenhagen is the worlds best bicycle capital with more than 400 km of special roads for bicycles. All the traffic are separated in pedestrians, bicycles and cars.

Copenhagen is more than a capital - it is one of the greenest capitals in the world, 5 min on a bike, and you can be at the country side, if you drive in the right direction.

For getting the full experience of the city, lanes and the word happiest people, you will need a local guide and a tour on your terms.

Why book with Us

You will get your personal guide and a tour that match your wishes and interest. We use only local guides who works and lives in Copenhagen and like it. You will therefore get a unique insight at Copenhagen, history, danish community and the special places in a green capital, only for locals. You pay only per hour and not for the coffee breaks or similar. We calculate max 6 person per guide. By bigger groups, we take more guides for the groups safety.

It is very important for us, that you will get full value of your stay in Copenhagen, Denmark

We are the biggest supplier of hotel bikes in Copenhagen. To get there we have listened a lot and modified out tours for our customers.

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