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With us you can explore Cambodia in your own private American Army Jeep, the A2. You can rent a jeep, including driver, for a day tour or we can offer you a more extensive package deal. Whether you want to visit the Angkor Temples or make an adventurous tour through the countryside, the choice is yours. We have several authentic American-made Jeeps for jeep safaris, great for traveling through the vibrant countryside and their remote temples. Our experienced drivers will drive to the temples and other places of interest.

Enjoy the ‘open character’ of the jeep and be able to feel the wind through your hair. We highly recommend our Jeep tours as we can guarantee that you will experience the real Cambodia – meeting the locals and visiting more remote places. The jeep is suitable for 3 guests as all jeeps are driven by our private chauffeur. If you would like to do this tour with more than 3 persons then we advise you to do the whole tour with 2 jeeps.

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