About Us

In March of 2012 Blue Bike Tours took the first paying customer on their newly finished tour. It went well, and things were looking good. Blue Bike Tours was no longer a dream, Blue Bike Tours had become a reality. The founders of the company were doing what they loved so they were happy!

In 2013 Blue Bike Tours expanded adding four new routes. Making it impossible for the founders to keep up with everything by themselves. So, they hired on some of the most wonderful people they had ever met. More local Parisians who loved their city and were aching for a way of sharing it with others!

In Feb 2014, as a result of the increasing demand of our guests to take them up to Montmartre and into the Eiffel Tower, (and the fact that our blue cruisers weren’t interested in climbing either) we created a sister company called Blue Fox Tours. So now our local guides can take you into even more wonderful parts of Paris and share with you what makes them so special to us!

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