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  • Enjoy magnificent and diverse Namibian landscapes

Namibia is a vast country with wide open spaces and endless skies. Sand dunes gradually... ... Read More


Cycle Namibia

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  • Starts/Ends Windhoek/Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport
  • Operator Exodus
  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Next Departures Dec 21 May 6
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Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport Tour Reviews

4.6 - Excellent Based on 9 customer reviews
Cycling Namibia Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
4 - Very Good
“Overall a great trip. You'll see a lot of wildlife, on the road side while cycling and then even more on the safari. And I hadn't appreciated the vastness of Namibia before I went - cycling all morning without a single car passing us really made you appreciate how sparsely populated a country it is. And neither had I appreciated the different forms the desert before... sand, rock, salt etc.”
Bucket List Trip Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
5 - Excellent
“I loved this trip, and seeing, climbing and then flying over the amazing dunes lived up to my expectations. Big bucket list tick for that. And the wildlife round and about, but especially in Etosha (particularly at the camp waterhole) was brilliant. Watching rhino's preliminary mating dance, elephants bathing and a stand off with a pride of lions, from a safe distance while supping red wine, was one of life's great experiences.”
Cycling in Namibia Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
4 - Very Good
“Namibia would not be my number ever travel destination as much of the country is ordinary and the distances between the highlights are too long. That said don't dismiss it. The two things that most fascinated me was the seeming harmony between all the races and tribes, compared with just over the border in South Africa and the maintenance of a significant German influence in both architecture (old and new) and language. And for the latter it is over a 100 years since it was a German colony.”
Cycle Namibia, the good, the bad and the not so ugly Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
3 - Average
“Some stunning landscapes and some fairly mundane cycling, but some really worthwhile experiences make this holiday a mix of average to great experiences”
Cycling through Namibia over Christmas Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
5 - Excellent
“This trip is about the scenery of Namibia. The sense of enjoyment of riding undulating gravel roads, earning the downhill coasting, the vast open spaces, getting to the end of each day to find a bar next to a pool, was all amazing. It's not a luxury trip but drinking gin & tonic from a metal cup watching the sun go down after a day's cycling, was priceless.”
Cycle Namibia Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
5 - Excellent
“This is a well organised and diverse trip. Good cycling, great and varied topography and wonderful wildlife. This is just such a good way to see a good cross section of Namibia. The campsites were terrific set in some wonderful locations and to get swimming pools in some of them is a real bonus.”
Exceeded my extremely high expectations Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
5 - Excellent
“Unforgettable blend of landscapes, cycling, camping, wildlife in a country which has masses to offer at great value”
Great landscapes Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
5 - Excellent
“The landscapes were fantastic. Real variety of scenery from rolling hills, to endless gravel sections, lots of gorgeous sand and small towns. Namibia has some fabulous food, extremely affordable. The bikes we hired were of fantastic quality too.”
Amazing Country Reviewed Tour: Cycle Namibia
5 - Excellent
“Amazing country, fabulous campsites, dramatic scenery and great wildlife.”
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