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Walking Tours

Walking tours let you enjoy the best travel experiences from the eyes of a local. Visiting a city of your choice, experiencing its attractions from the street and getting an insider look at its culture is what makes these walking holidays so memorable.

Why book a walking tour:

  • Get an inside look at a city’s lifestyle and culture from the eyes of its locals
  • Discover attractions and establishments that never find their way to your guidebooks
  • Visit hidden oases or remote villages to unravel countryside mysteries and legends
  • Join knowledgeable guides for an adventure like no other

Walking tours are an excellent way of getting to know a city, visiting places that are often frequented by locals, exploring a city’s customs and ways of life and interacting with people to learn more about their culture and traditions.

Each destination has its own story to tell. There are countless legends and stories that become a part of your walking holidays, and expert guides ensure that you get to see your favorite attractions in an entirely new light.

Walking tours will allow you to trek past jaw-dropping mountains leaving behind mesmerizing scenery with every step, get closer to the remotest of destinations, explore an area’s wildlife in the midst of the densest of jungles or discover something beautiful at every step in your favorite city.

Walking tours have a way to bring out the best of adventure, without putting you through high-risk activities and adrenaline-pumping action associated with adventure holidays, making them perfect for solo travelers, couples and families.

Our top three destinations for Walking Tours are:

Bookmundi presents walking tours from all over the world to let you choose from a broad selection of guided walks, city explorations, nature walks and free tours by foot. Each adventure promises something new, something exciting, something that helps you discover the most beautiful traditions, adding more excitement to your holidays.