Explorers and nature lovers will fall head over heels for beautiful Venezuela. Home to the Andes Mountains, Angel Falls and tropical islands, it has so much to offer visitors. While it is currently unadvised to visit Caracas due to political unrest, bicycle tours and trekking adventures in more rural areas offer a taste of the country’s natural bounty.

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Venezuela Tour Reviews

5 - Excellent
Based on 10 customer reviews
The Lost World and Angel Falls Reviewed Tour: The Lost World & Angel Falls
5 - Excellent
“This was an amazing trip. I think I'd only focused on the Angel Falls section but the rest of the trip was equally as fantastic! Trekking through savannah, climbing Mt Roraima and camping at the top, 6 hour boat trips in sun and phenomenal rainstorms and walking behind waterfalls.”
Roraima Tepuy and the Angel Falls, Solo Traveller Reviewed Tour: The Lost World & Angel Falls
5 - Excellent
“Stunning scenery and excellent itinerary, let down by ancient faulty tour bus and very poor camping equipment. Single tents are tiny, and insufficient when camping in rain. No mess tent or chairs provided, so lots of standing around huddled in the cooking tent.”
Jewels of the Grand Savannah Reviewed Tour: The Lost World & Angel Falls
5 - Excellent
“The trek to the Grand Savannah, with the ascent of the Roraima Tepuy and the Angel Falls trek, and several enjoyable soakings in the many waterfalls/pools in the region make this a multi-highlight trip.............with loads of highs. It needs to be as there are several undoubted lows - an imploding economy; a lot of lengthy travel, some uncomfortable, to get to and from trek start/stop points; an attacking insect world that never lets up! Was it worth it - my gawd, it was!”

Venezuela - Travel Highlights and Travel Tips

Holidays in Venezuela are perfect for explorers and nature lovers. The beautiful country is naturally diverse, featuring both tropical islands and the Andes Mountains. It is also home to the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls. Venezuela has recently seen violent protests and political demonstrations and it is not currently advised to visit several cities, including Caracas, Barquisimeto, Valencia and Maracay. It is best to check with your government's foreign travel advisory boards for the most up-to-date information. There are areas of Venezuela that continue to be safe for travellers. However, it is always advised to take extra precautions against violence and crime if you are planning a trip to Venezuela. 

Travel Highlights

  • See Angel Falls at Canaima National Park
  • Look for seabirds and aquatic life at the Los Roques archipelago
  • Experience a lightening storm over Catatumbo river
  • Take a cable car to the top of Mérida Mountain
  • Walk the streets of Coro, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Travel Tips

  • To stay as safe as possible, always plan ahead. Book your hotels days in advance and always hire a tour operator when exploring the country's beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Venezuelans are known for giving nicknames, at times based on appearance and/or race. They may come across as offensive but are always well intentioned.
  • Due to the difficult circumstances facing Venezuela, certain foods and other products are hard to come by. Save yourself the hassle and bring the essentials with you, including shampoo, toilet paper, and other hygiene products.
  • While the locals of most countries appreciate tourists making an effort to speak their language, this is not the case in Venezuela. Venezuelans generally do not want travellers trying to converse in Spanish unless it is near perfect.
  • Venezuelans are generally very friendly and the young locals are especially keen to chat with travellers. However, be cautious of those who are approaching you only because they are aware you have money. Consider leaving valuables behind, including cameras, so as to not "flaunt" your wealth.