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Valparaiso City tour 2018/2019

1 City tour with 12 Reviews

  • Unique City Tour of Valparaíso
  • See all the hidden nooks, backstreets and peculiarities of Valparaiso, a UNESCO site!
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Valparaíso Tour

Take in the faded grandeur of this unique harbor town, nestled between the sea and ... Read More
  • Starts/Ends Providencia, Santiago Region Metropolitana/Providencia, Santiago Region Metropolitana
  • Operator Chile Off Track Active 1 day ago
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Valparaiso Tour Reviews

4.8 - Excellent Based on 12 customer reviews
Very Good Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Reba Kushner From USA At
4 - Very Good
“Very Good”
Valparaiso Tour and Vina del Mar Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Anonymous From Philippines At
5 - Excellent
“Our guide shared a lot of information about the places we went to, and about Chile in general. One thing I found less interesting though was the finicular ride at Valparaiso. We lined up for 20 minutes or so, only to get in a 30-second ride, and we enjoyed a nice view for only about 10 seconds.”
This tour is definitely worthwhile Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Kony Ros From South Africa At
5 - Excellent
“We enjoyed it tremendously. Having Frank as our tour guide and our competent driver made this tour a success. Frank was the ideal tour guide, friendly, well informed, full of fun and a very helpful tour guide. I would recommend this tour for any aspiring traveler to Santiago.”
One of the best Tours. Highly Recommended! Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Rexon Smith From USA At
5 - Excellent
“My wife and I were picked up at our hotel in Santiago promptly. After collecting 6 other people, we were first taken to a winery where we given the option to join a wine tasting session (my wife and I opted out). Then on we went around Viña del Mar making several stops along the way for photo ops. We were then taken to a wonderful restaurant in Valparaiso with great view and excellent food. After lunch, we were taken on a walking tour of the streets of Valparaiso with its vibrant street art.

Our guides Vanessa and Patrick were excellent. The tour felt felt very casual and un-rushed (in fact I'm pretty sure we exceed the number of hours stated in the tour promo). Unlike other tours where schedules are quite rigid and by the numbers, this tour felt more like a day out with friends showing you around. Vanessa made us feel at ease and relaxed from the get go and made sure everyone was enjoying the tour.

Overall, this was one of the best tours we've had -- thanks to our guides. Highly recommend.”
Would definitely recommend to others Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Elizabeth Murray From USA At
5 - Excellent
“Vanessa was our guide and she was one of the best guides I have had. Her English is great and interacted with us with no problems. We had a small group of 4, it made the experience even better. We all got along great. Stop were adjusted as needed because it was a rainy day, but we saw and walked much of the very colorful and amazing hills of Valparaiso. Went to Vina del Mar for such as the Castle of the Sea, offering great views and really good food. Made a couple of stop around after lunch and then headed to a winery in the Casablanca valley. Price was great for being all day, covering all the tolls, parking and stops. Only extra was lunch, souvenirs, and if you wanted a wine tasting, it was extra. Go and hopefully you get Vanessa.”
Don't miss this beautiful part of the world Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Kim Braxton From USA At
5 - Excellent
“We had Emanuael as our guide and he is a member of this family owned tour. We were picked up right on time and only had one other stop to pick up another couple and we were off to the coast with lots of useful information.

First stop was Valparaiso and then Vina del Mar. In both cases we did an intro drive through town and then a walking tour of some of the more interesting parts of the city including a funicular ride and walk around Concepción which was very interesting. In Vina del Mar we stopped for lunch and then at a few of the beaches and to see the birds and sea lions.

On the way back we stopped at Vina INDOMITA in the Casablanca valley on the way home.

At all times Emanuel explained what we were seeing and asked about how we would like to spend our time.

We were returned to our hotels promptly and very much enjoyed our entire day.

Stamps prices seemed VERY reasonable for semi-private tours compared to other companies and dealing with them was very simple and informative from start to finish.”
Spent a great day in the Casablanca Valley Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Steven Aniston From Australia At
5 - Excellent
“We took a day tour with Stamps Tour from Santiago to Valparaiso. Our guide Emanuel was fantastic. He was knowledgeable well spoken and a lot of fun. He obviously enjoys his job and worked hard to make sure we had the best day ....which we did. There were four people on the tour and he tailored all activities to suit everyone. A very pleasant day. Would recommend this tour and company.”
Great day trip to Valparaiso Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Sandra Miura From USA At
5 - Excellent
“Vanessa, our guide, and the driver really made the trip. Vanessa had such a great personality and attitude and put out positive vibes. Valparaiso, of course, is a quirky/cool place and fun to explore. Viña del Mar is right next to it and yet so different; the contrast was interesting to see. And of course it is always a good time to have some wine! The winery we went to was in a beautiful location and it was nice to relax while drinking. Lunch in a castle was cool with a lovely view as well, the food was not cheap but delicious so worth what you pay for sure!”
A very average coast tour of Valparaiso & Vina Del Mar Reviewed Tour: Coast Tour Valparaiso Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley
Anonymous From New Zealand At
3 - Average
“We were picked up slightly early from our hotel (which suited us, as 10am seems a little late to be starting an 8-9 hour tour). Our guide Sebastian spoke good English and provided lots of good information enroute. We were expecting a wine tasting at a winery in the Casablanca Valley, but only got a small plastic cup of grape chicha at a roadside diner, which was extremely disappointing as the wine tasting was going to be a highlight for us (and the chicha was not nice at all...) We then drove to Valparaiso and stopped at Pablo Neruda's house - the entry fee was not included and very little information was provided, we were left to our own devices.The driving tour of Valparaiso was OK, but I think we spent a little too long in the car when we could have walked some of the interesting streets. We stopped twice, once at the port (nothing interesting to see there unless you are a ship spotter) and a lookout overlooking the port - which didn't add anything to the tour. At each stop, we were left to walk around by ourselves, with no advice or timeframes for the stops given.
Lunch was at a tourist hotel overlooking the water - nice view and the food was good, but very expensive and we would rather have been given other options, especially to eat some of the local street food that the guide had talked about.
Vina Del Mar was average - just a cold, windswept beach. Would rather have spent more time exploring Valparaiso on foot.
The guide also spent a huge amount of time on his phone while driving - not very safe and also excluded his guests to a certain extent. A lot of the calls/messages seemed to be to the tour agency offices, which really should not be necessary while driving a tour group around and there was also a lot of checking of Instagram and Facebook, which was entirely inappropriate and unsafe while driving.
Overall, good to see some of Valparaiso, but the lack of a winery visit and the ability to explore some of the more interesting areas saw us come away a little disappointed. Average at best unfortunately.”
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