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Tian Shan, the Karakoram & Mongolia

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82 day trekking trip to Ulaanbaatar, Ögii Lake and 18 other destinations in Uzbekistan, Mongolia and China. Read More
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Mountains & Deserts of Central Asia

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42 day cultural, religious and historic sites trip to Xian, Pingliang and 18 other destinations in Uzbekistan, China and Kyrgyzstan. Read More
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Turkey, Turkmen & Tamerlane's Testament

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Dragoman did an great job at picking a route with many attractions. The trip was very well organized ...
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  • Age Range18 to 99 years old
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Peninsula Valdes Submarine Whale Watching

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1 day explorer trip in Navoiy Region. Read More
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Uzbekistan Tour Reviews

5 - Excellent
Based on 132 customer reviews
Well done Sundowners! Reviewed Tour: Five Golden Stans
5 - Excellent
  • Jenny Carter
  • From Australia
“Just back from the Five Golden Stans trip. Great group of travellers and Anya was a fantastic guide. The trip was exciting, challenging, invigorating, educational and culturally different. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about a part of the world which is unknown to Westerners. Be prepared to experience wonderful culture, great food and the friendliest and most hospitable people. Previously, The Persian Caravan was my favorite journey, but the Five Golden Stans may just beat it! Well done Sundowners!”
Tashkent Samarkand Bukhara 7 days Reviewed Tour: Wonders of Uzbekistan
5 - Excellent
  • Ananth
“We Just got back yesterday from our Uzbekistan Tour. Our tour was Excellent!

Uzbekistan is a wonderful destination. Extremely safe, warm people - big departure from it's soviet republic past. Excellent sightseeing, well organized. Restored monuments help you visualize the glory of cities like this as they stood in the 14th-17th century.

Tashkent feels very modern city, Bukhara feels traditional and Samarkand seems to fit in-between.

Tashkent is a nice city with it's own bit of history. We did Beldersay and surrounding areas from Tashkent, the cable car ride was awesome

We rode the train to Samarkand. Gave us a chance to see the beautiful, rustic countryside at leisure

The monuments in both Samarkand and Bukhara are excellent. The restoration work shows them in all glory. Well done.

The light show in Samarkand - Registon is spectacular. It's pricey, but looks like it goes on every now and then and bystanders watch for free. For a group, it is quite affordable ($150).

The trip involves a bit of walking, all monuments are grand and need you to be on foot to truly enjoy them. You can do it at a leisurely pace.

Overall, excellent program!”
Very Good Reviewed Tour: Best of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
4 - Very Good
  • Andrew Palmer
  • From Australian
“Very Good”

Uzbekistan - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

A trip to Uzbekistan will introduce you to the best treasures of the ancient trading Silk Road. The cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand were all popular sites for traders and have each been delicately restored.These stunning mosques and mosaics are complimented by classic Russian architecture, as the country equally pays homage to its many years under Soviet rule. With few foreign tourists, get ready for an intimate visit through Uzbekistan’s wonders.

Tour Highlights

  • Get a panoramic view of old Khiva from the minaret of the Islam Khodja mosque
  • See the colourful mosaics of the Registan plaza in Samarkand
  • Roam through the 114 rooms of Khan's Palace in Kokand
  • Explore the Ark of Bukhara, an incredible fortress built in the 5th century AD
  • Shop beneath the blue dome of the Chorsu Bazaar

Travel Tips

  • Uzbekistan offers some great transportation links for anyone wanting to see all the country has to offer. Whether you prefer domestic flights, high-speed trains, or city metro-rides, Uzbekistan has it all.
  • While most of Uzbekistan's cuisine is quite flavourless (think boiled vegetables and grey meats), some dishes are worth seeking out. Try Lagman, a lamb soup with thick noodles and spices, and jiz, a stir-fry-like dish of beef, onion and eggplant.
  • Avoid border areas in Uzbekistan, particularly at its shared borders with Afghanistan. These areas are often riddled with landmines and have been known to incur cross-border gunfire.
  • Uzbekistan relies heavily on cash. Be sure to exchange your money before you visit, and carry the local currency (Uzbek Sum) rather than U.S. dollars or other foreign currencies.
  • Uzbekistan is a police state, so be prepared for heavy police presence across the country. Carry copies of your passport and other ID with you at all times, and think twice before taking photos (especially of important buildings). The main benefit of this is a relatively low crime rate.

Uzbekistan has seasonal weather so please do check up on best time to visit Uzbekistan before planning your tour.