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  • Uncover all facets of Samarkand's incredible Registan. This much-photographed public square is one of the true pinnacles of Islamic architecture
  • Experience for yourself the legend that is Central Asian hospitality
  • Marvel at the beautiful Song Kol Lake, where in mid-summer you may see flocks of sheep, goats and herds of horses watched over by nomadic herdsmen and their families
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Central Asia Explorer

of 3 reviews
Be entranced by the beauty and the wonder of Central Asia on this 16-day tour... ... Read More
  • Starts/Ends Bishkek/Tashkent
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  • Tour Type Group Tour
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  • Learn ancient cooking techniques in Samarkand
  • Connect with the locals in a desert yurt community
  • Marvel at colourful mosaic buildings
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Best Of Uzbekistan

While it doesn't get a lot of attention, Uzbekistan is a life-changing destination for all... ... Read More
  • Starts/Ends Tashkent/Tashkent
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  • Tour Type Group Tour
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  • Visit the lesser known Hanyangling Mausoleum, of the Han Dynasty. In our opinion this site is far more authentic and interesting than the better known Terracotta Warriors.
  • Visit the incredible UNESCO World Heritage site of the Mogao Caves, a important Buddhist site of the Silk Road.
  • Overnight in a yurt. Yurts are the traditional dwellings of the Kyrgyz people, made of felt and tarpaulins on a round frame.
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The Great Silk Road

China really does have it all: tranquil countrysides offering jaw-dropping natural scenery and invigorating hikes... ... Read More
  • Starts/Ends Beijing/Tashkent
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  • Tour Type Group Tour
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Uzbekistan Tour Reviews

4.5 - Excellent Based on 17 customer reviews
silk ROAD trip Reviewed Tour: The Silk Road
4 - Very Good
“A varied and inspiring (but arduous) journey through Central Asia, from the magnificent mosques and mausoleums of Uzbekistan, to the bleak but beautiful mountain and steppe landscape of Kyrgyzstan, this trip delivered what it promised.”
Simmering the soul on the silk road Reviewed Tour: The Silk Road
4 - Very Good
“There's never a dull moment in this full-on, activity packed, classic road and rail journey. Squeezing three contrasting countries into just 15 days is something of a challenge and it requires stamina, energy, good humour and an open mind to get the most out of it. With just five in the group, this felt like a private trip and the intensity and space certainly benefitted an excellent itinerary. Uzbekistan has the monuments, China provides the counterpoint and nomadic Kyrgyzstan oozes impossibly beautiful mountain and lakeland vistas. Throw-in the Russian influences and the echoes of Ginghis Khan, Tamerlane, Alexander the Great and Marco Polo and you have an intriguing concoction.”
The Silk Road in September Reviewed Tour: The Silk Road
5 - Excellent
“Overall a fantastic trip but not a relaxing one. Each country is different from the others and it feels like three holidays in one. Early starts and long journeys made for arduous travelling at times and the border crossing into China was a pain, but spectacular scenery and reasonably regular stops made it interesting and nearly every day had highlights to look forward to. The hotels were comfortable and the food was better and more varied that we were led to believe from reading previous reviews. I'd score it 9 out of 10 overall.”
In the footsteps of Tamerlane Reviewed Tour: The Silk Road
4 - Very Good
“This is a full on trip across three countries and at times travelling through mountainous areas on fairly rough roads. As a result this isn't the holiday to take if your looking for relaxation but the pay off is an amazing contrast of stunning ancient buildings, breathtaking scenery and mixing with people who have had limited contact with western europeans. At times we were being photographed as much as the locals! The tour really does take you back through the centuries to the time of Tamerlane and even earlier. The soviet restoration of some sites has been done incredibly well and we felt welcome in all of the mosques and mausoleums we visited”
The Silk Road - Trip Code AXF Reviewed Tour: The Silk Road
5 - Excellent
“Great Trip with some administrative blunders”
Beautiful Islamic art with warm, friendly, polite and helpful people. Reviewed Tour: A Week in Uzbekistan
4 - Very Good
“Fantastic experience of viewing outstandingly beautiful Islamic buildings and art; learning about the cultural history of the region, especially Amir Temur; set against the background of a country regaining its own identity after being under the control of Russia, and the Soviet Union. The fun of staying in a yurt, and going for a camel ride. Enjoying (or not) the local delicacies and beverages. The people have great pride in their heritage and keep everywhere clean of litter, together with being friendly, polite and welcoming.”
A fascinating taster of a country rarely visited by tourists. Reviewed Tour: A Week in Uzbekistan
5 - Excellent
“Uzbekistan is a fascinating country full of surprises and although longer trips are available, I felt we packed enough in to a week to get a real taste of what the country is like. Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara are all very different, but all equally interesting in their own ways.  The stay at the yurt camp is really fun and offers some much needed down time in what is a very busy week. ”
Uzbekistan uncovered Reviewed Tour: Uzbekistan Uncovered
4 - Very Good
“Very nice trip, good company and leader. Historical monuments are not as old as some in other countries (modern compared with Roman). But good trip none the less - Beautiful tiles”
Glad I went but glad it's over Reviewed Tour: Uzbekistan Uncovered
3 - Average
“This was a bit of disappointment because I was hoping to see lots of exquisite Islamic art and architecture. There is some toward the end of trip in Samarkand but the mosques and madrasas in Khiva and Bukhora weren't very attractive. There was too much shopping time for my taste. I am vegetarian which limited food selections. The salads are very good but there isn't much choice beyond that and I don't think even the non-veggies enjoyed the food much. Sometimes a vegetarian dish was just a regular dish with the meat removed e.g. we were told chick peas were vegetarian but they came with some bits of meat which they had overlooked. The local beer, however is excellent.
An interesting part of the trip was learning about the Russian influence, good and not-so-good, and the changes that have occurred since the Soviet Union imploded and Uzbekistan became independent. I also enjoyed learning a about current life in Uzbekistan but am aware that we as tourists we may be presented with a somewhat sanitized view of things.”
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