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Ushuaia Tour Reviews

4.7 - Excellent Based on 6 customer reviews
ANTARCTIC CIRCLE QUEST Reviewed Tour: Antarctic Circle Quest
4 - Very Good
“The journey to and from Ushuaia was long and tedious but when we got on the boat things improved immediately.  The journey across Drakes Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula was a bit rough and I was sick until the Doctor gave me some very good pills. Once there it was calm.  we started at King George Island and went south, calling at various Islands as we went.  There was floating Ice and Icebergs everywhere.Everything was black(rock) or white (Ice). We saw nothing green after leaving King George. The only other colour was a bit of yellow (lichen) and some red stain on the snow.  The scenery was everywhere spectacular. Ice Cliffs with blocks breaking off and black rock precipices.  There were a few rocky beaches and one black sand beach.  We were loaned Wellington Boots and given a heavy, warm waterproof jacket for use on the zodiacs and on land.  In antarctica they were very useful and necessary but I don't think it will ever be cold enough in Enland for me to wear it again. There were penguins everywhere.  we landed at one colony and I have never seen so many creatures of one species together at the same time.  They smelled awful.. We crossed the antarctic circle and tried to land at one of the scientific bases but it was too rough. We went back north and paused in Paradise Harbour. Here it was fantastically smooth and peacefull. We saw an occasional Whale and some of the party went on a zodiac cruise to where there were some spectacular grounded icebergs. There were also seals and lots of birdsWe landed at one scientific station and I climbed a low cliff and looked into the water. I could see a penguin catching fish under the water.  On land the penguins were clumsy and awkward, under the water they were incredibly quick and active, darting here and there like dragonflies.On the last day we went to Deception Island.  This is a flooded volcanic caldera.  We entered through a very narrow entrance called 'Neptunes Bellows' and  landed just inside the entrance.  Inside the caldera, the water was warmed by volcanic activity and some people went swimming. Sadly, one thing I hadn't brought was a bathing costume.Finally back across Drakes Passage to Ushuaia, much smoother than the way out and we saw Cape HornThe journey back from Ushuaia was awful but that was British Airway's fault not Exodus”
ANTARCTICA, FALKLANDS & SOUTH GEORGIA Reviewed Tour: Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia
5 - Excellent
“What a fantastic trip, Falklands and Albatross, South Georgia and Penguins/Seals and Antarctica and Tabular Icebergs. This trip is a true adventure where the rewards are high and the camera is rarely away from reach. Its jaw dropping beauty will leave you wondering where else on earth can i go that will give you so many fabulous memories.”
ANTARCTIC EXPLORER Reviewed Tour: Antarctic Explorer
5 - Excellent
“An absolutely amazing trip that surpassed all expectations. The cabin was bigger than expected, the food great, the wildlife plentiful and close, the crew were friendly, organisation was superb and there was so much to do I didn't even get to read my book!”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: Torres to Ushuaia
5 - Excellent
“Wonderful tour of Patagonia with fun and engaging people. Tour leader was excellent and we really got to experience all that this amazing place has to offer. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery, warm and hospitable people and action packed days ! .... would highly recommend. If you love the outdoors this is the trip for you.�”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: Torres to Ushuaia
5 - Excellent
“your company is the best I ever used , will do it again.”
Very Good Reviewed Tour: Torres to Ushuaia
4 - Very Good
“Great experience overall only issue was the tent were a bit small for 2 ppl in Torres del Paine. Very well organised your leader was great very organised and knowledgeable”
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