Male, 37, Nepal
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Hey, Everybody Namaste!!!!!! I 'm the coolest trekking guide you'll ever meet. If you are interested in visiting my Peaceful country I can show you around. I am nature lover. I am outdoor person. I am trekking, tour and mountain guide in Nepal. I have been doing this for last 15 years. I have been enjoying doing this kind of activities with people from the different part of the world. I am enjoying it so much. Every time when I am in the mountain I am so mesmerize with the mountain and nature. If any of you guys out there have interest with Nepal tourism activities like trekking, mountaineering, and explore the country. I will be very delighted to bring you those places that will be your lifetime travel experience. If you like to come or planning trip to Nepal drop mail.After so many year of leading trek, since two year I have started my own Trekking company Nepal Eco Adventure. See you in Nepal
Occupation Trekking operator +Mountain guide ‚Äč
I am currently At Home
I speak English,Nepali
Last seen 2017-07-09 14:03:45
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