Yam Bahaur

Male, Nepal
Message From Tour Guide Image desc My name is Yam Bahadur Pant, though I am commonly known as “Rajendra” I born in 1977, then have been working in the Himalaya since 1996 as a Trekking Guide, first as a porter and now as a Government licensed guide. As a team leader, myself and my fellow guides and porters work independently taking tourists on treks all throughout the Himalayan region. Having completed my intermediate Arts (Humanities) and currently completing my Bachelors degree, I am able to fluently speak English. Also as a guide I can provide you with a vast knowledge about the culture, language and local people of Nepal as well as being very hospitable.......
Occupation Trekking leader/Guide.
I am currently At Home
I speak English,Spanish
Last seen 2014-06-29 06:28:39
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