Gemuka Adventures Ltd is an extra ordinary safari company that is dedicated to take our clients through the most exciting destinations, including Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar. The company can meet clients, request from Tanzania to all of East Africa National Parks & Game Reserves. Whenever clients opt Tanzania for a Family holiday, Honeymoon Vacation, Beach holiday, Business or else, Gemuka Adventures will always there to plan a custom safari that will satisfy clients the way they always dreamed of. You are most welcome to East Africa…! Tanzania is your gateway here! Our teams of safari specialists are highly reachable and dependable and have genuine passion for the wilderness, travel and the creation of the perfect safari. Our success was and continues to be borne out of searching out destinations and journeys which are out-of-the-ordinary. They are journeys to places people thought they could never go. Above all personal care is taken to provide our guests with quality service. We know all times people seek out operators who excel in providing a ‘luxurious bush experience’, exceptional hospitality, professional in the fields of guiding and conservation, We guarantee all clients peaceful Safety accommodation during safari, On Trekking and in town.
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