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UK Tour Reviews

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Invitation Reviewed Tour: Northern Directions
5 - Excellent
  • Betty Miller
  • From India
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Excellent Reviewed Tour: Winter Getaway
5 - Excellent
  • Taj L
“I had a white Christmas. Saw snow for the first time ever. I was completely myself too. I came back from this trip a changed man. More experienced and observant.”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: Winter Expedition
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous

UK — Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

The United Kingdom is well known across the world for the royalty that live there across London and Edinburgh or to see the towering metal spires and medieval castles. They are also well known for their ocean-side hiking trails that pass by fossil infused cliffs all across the coastlines. Sit down for a cup of tea and cake, or for the more adventurous ones, head underground to their numerous pubs spread throughout every city corner.

Tour Highlights

While the British live on an island, they definitely aren’t disconnected from the world. You’ll find England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have more museums, modern amenities, hiking trails, historical monuments, castles and tourist attractions than you can imagine. Here are a few of the best ones that you can’t miss when visiting the UK:

  • Have a taste of royalty in London, the capital of both England and the UK, by visiting Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben. Don’t forget to get your iconic photos with the royal guard, the red phone booths, and the big red buses.
  • Understand the mysterious Stonehenge “hanging rocks”, one of the most beautiful monuments across Europe. They are almost 5,000 years old and the mystery of why they stand still is unknown to this day.
  • Ride across Scotland on the “Hogwarts Express” train where you’ll recognize many of the scenes from the movie as well as exploring their many medieval castles and the elusive Loch Ness monster.

Travel Tips

  • It is best to avoid making travel plans to the UK from December to February as these are winter months. The days are short and the weather is dreadfully cold for you to enjoy your time outside.
  • London and many of the cities in the UK are quite expensive so cut costs wherever you can.
  • There aren’t many free things to do but search for state-run museums and galleries so you’ll be able to get in for free. 
  • If you’re called “love” or “darling” when you’re in a bar or hear a dry joke that you may not understand, that’s just the English sense of humor! 

United Kingdom - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

Eccentric, mind-blowing, entertaining and completely captivating, United Kingdom promises to become one of the most unique travel experiences of your life.

A trip to the UK is all about living it large. The cities are buzzing with life and are full of tempting stores, quirky boutiques, world class brands, exotic nightlife, cutting-edge bars and outstanding theater. The countryside introduces you to some of the most alluring natural landscapes on the planet. Whether you’re a young teen or a retired adult, you’re sure to find something perfect while in the UK.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit London for views of the Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace
  • Contemplate the mysterious standing stones of Stonehenge
  • Explore the majestic highlands of Bonnie Scotland
  • Take a ferry over to the Isle of Skye for views of Kilt Rock and a swim in the Fairy Pools
  • Cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge from mainland Northern Ireland to Carrick Island
  • Ride the railway to the peak of Mount Snowdon - the rooftop of Wales

Travel Tips

  • When travelling across the United Kingdom, bear in mind that there are four separate countries, each with their own unique culture and heritage: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • It’s no joke - Brits really, really love their tea. Expect to be offered a ‘cuppa’ wherever you go.
  • Another thing the Brits take very seriously is queuing. Whether purchasing a travel ticket or queuing up to check in to your hotel, never jump the line lest you truly offend the locals.
  • If you like eating new things, the United Kingdom has some unusual delicacies that are a must try. Look out for menu items like black pudding (blood sausage), haggis, and even deep fried Mars bars.
  • Be sure to leave London! Many people visiting the UK tend to stick to the glamorous city, but the kingdom has incredibly countryside and other fantastic cities for you to explore.