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Turkey Tour Reviews

4.6 - Excellent Based on 118 customer reviews
Very Good Reviewed Tour: Turkey Multisport
Angela Peters From Dutch At
4 - Very Good
“Very Good”
Highlights of Turkey Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Turkey
4 - Very Good
“Turkey is an amazing country. There is so much to see and the two week tour is only going to give you a taste of what this country has to offer.”
Terrific Turkey with the amazing Fatih Develi and Unal Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Turkey
5 - Excellent
“We set our expectations quite high for this trip but these were exceeded in every way from start to finish after meeting our superb tour guide - Fatih Develi - in Istanbul. His organization and communication skills were outstanding as he guided us smoothly throughout the fantastic highlights of this great country, imparting his considerable knowledge of all aspects of Turkey from religions to history ancient and modern, wildlife, industries, politics etc. etc. Fatih was the highlight of our trip.”
The best of Turkey Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Turkey
4 - Very Good
“A diverse trip, packed with lots of places to see over 2 weeks, yet it didn't feel too rushed and we had more free time than I have had on other similar holidays.”
TURKEY - SULEYMAN - BRILLIANT Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Turkey
5 - Excellent
“Hi All, We had a great tour, small party because of the time we travelled (Christmas) but we experienced a lot, our driver was an expert in the conditions, It was a leisurely time, Saw an amazing amount of Turkey in a short time frame.”
Ancient Sites, Friendly People Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Turkey
5 - Excellent
“This was a tour of an amazing country. Turkey is an amalgam of people that have arrived over the centuries, leaving behind a wonderful heritage; there are so many ancient sites that the local population have lived alongside and only recently begun to appreciate. And yet it is amazingly self-sufficient in the modern climate of globalization.”
Wonderful holiday of discovery Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Turkey
5 - Excellent
“We are seasoned Exodus travellers with about ten previous trips under our belts so were prepared for another adventure of a lifetime and were not disappointed! Turkey is so diverse with amazing cities, mountains, coast and scenery and our guide made sure out time was fully utilised and every opportunity seized, from sunrises to sunsets. We travelled with friends and allowed ourselves a couple of extra days in Istanbul - a wonderful, buzzing city with plenty to see and do - before joining our group. Our time was packed with an excellent and informative tour of the city, with extensive information provided by Zafer not only on the buildings and sites, but on people's way of life and great dining experiences.”
An absolute gem of a tour Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Turkey
5 - Excellent
“Wow - what a holiday! I really felt that I saw and learned a huge amount about Turkey in just 2 weeks, and though it was busy with quite a bit of time in the bus some days, there was enough down time to relax. It helps that the tour guide was fantastic and the group were a great bunch too.”
Walking in Cappadocia Reviewed Tour: Walking in Cappadocia
5 - Excellent
“Based in one hotel with day excursions/walking trips. Amazing scenery. Love Cappadocia!!”
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