Hello, my name is Xheni (pronounced Jenny) and I am a native Albanian who loves travel! I have explored the Balkans and some countries in Europe, but the more I travel to other countries the more I love my country.

I grew up in Tirana and I have always lived in Albania. I don't want to leave, because there is so much that I love about my country: the superb climate, the tranquillity, the wild nature, the people… Here, I can find at all, the mountains, the sea, the river, the fields, the lakes, etc. I love that in Albania, a traveller always has the opportunity to interact with the locals and discover the life of local people.

I have several hobbies and passions. The first is reading books, I’ve traveled everywhere thanks to books! The second is traveling because I love learning about different cultures. The third is swimming because I am totally in love with the Albanian Sea and Riviera. And the last one is exploring nature, because there is nothing like the Albanian Alps.

I work as a tour operator and an official translator. For years now, I have been creating and preparing custom made trips for travelers interested in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece. Tourism, similarly to translation, is a bridge connecting people with landscapes, nature, culture and gastronomy. I see it as a tool for people to be able to discover the vivid colors of cities, the noises of youth and the uniqueness of all the people around the globe as if I were in the process of translating a book full of stories and characters.

Xheni's Travel Expertise

The places I specialize in include Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece. I tailor make tours to all of these countries. I’m also an expert in cultural and culinary tours, archaeological and UNESCO sites, hiking, biking, 4x4, kayaking, canyoning, rafting and so many more activities across the Balkan countries.

Visit us and discover the endless canyons and rivers, the Alps, the Riviera, the richness of the flora and fauna and last but not least, our amazing hospitality!

Xheni's best travel experience

I was so impressed on my first trip to Strasbourg, France. It was especially thrilling because it was the first time I went abroad. There, I visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, and the first-ever astronomical clock. I also attended my first training in Europe. Strasbourg remains to me today, after many other places I have visited, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the city I will always have nostalgia for. Nothing will replace this experience, my trip to the "capital of diplomacy" in Europe.

Why is Xheni the right travel expert

I am a good choice for a travel expert because, as I've already mentioned, I really love my country, and I love to share it with travellers. I'm also the perfect travel expert because my love for travel and for my job shines through my work and can be seen in the process of organizing trips for those who love travelling. You are just one step closer to having your best experience in these not-yet-fully-explored places and I can’t wait to help you!