I grew up in France and I've always been a curious person, particularly fascinated by the immensity of our world. I love traveling and believe that traveling can have a deeper meaning than what some people believe; not only can you discover the world, but you can also discover who you really are. I like the idea that investment in travel is an investment in yourself.

I have explored several destinations, but it was Colombia that caught my attention the most. After many amazing travel experiences, I decided to settle in Colombia and become a travel expert. I am always amazed by the great diversity this country has to offer and by the kindness of its people. If I had to summarize what I love about traveling in Colombia, I would say that this country is full of surprises. Let yourself be surprised as I did!

Vivien's Travel Expertise

My specialties are tailor-made trips and private experiences in Colombia, as well as family and nature/culture trips. I also am particularly passionate about history. My favorite destinations are Cartagena, because of its historical background and Caribbean vibe, and the coffee region for its mild climate and amazing environment.

The company I work for, Terra Colombia, also specializes in various areas including fully tailor-made and private experiences, cultural tours, high profile inquiries, family trips, and honeymoons.

Expert Destinations

Vivien's best travel experience

Have you ever heard of the Island of Gorgona? Neither have most Colombians. However, I had a chance to visit this place and found it to be a very fascinating island. Located in the Pacific Ocean near the Colombian coast, it was originally home to a penitentiary, but now it is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. Gorgona is a shelter for incredible biodiversity; not only can you observe the endemic fauna and flora but you can also watch whales between July and October, an experience I was able to have while having breakfast in my eco-lodge.

Why is Vivien the right travel expert

My colleagues describe me as a passionate, knowledgeable and curious travel expert. Through various trips, I've developed a large knowledge base of this country as a travel destination. I know the must-see places just as well as some off-the-beaten-track places. I will work hard to personalize your experience according to your preferences and make all your travel dreams come true!