Hi! My name is Victoria and I have been a local travel agent for the Ancient Orient region for about 9 years now. I am Russian in face and origin, but Uzbek by passport. Globalization and migration during the Soviet Union times brought my grandparents from deep Russia to Kazakhstan and then eventually my parents to Uzbekistan. These moves and changing places made my family passionate travelers in nature. So, when I grew up, I realized that living in such a beautiful place with deep historical roots could be a benefit and I could help people from all over the world discover this amazing fairy-tale region.

To me, my job is more than just a job and it has become a part of my personal life. Everything I do here influences my life as well. Although part of my time I spend at the office, I try to be available online 24/7 with our customers who need kind care. I also devote time to exploring our huge region of Central Asia, which has so many beautiful places that when describing a trip to the customer - it is just impossible to stop!

Victoria's Travel Expertise

My expertise is helping tourists who wish to come to Central Asia put together an itinerary of all the places which they wish to visit into one interesting and locally correct route.

Central Asia offers various kinds of activities including sightseeing in ancient cities full of history and beauty, trekking/hiking along green mountain slopes, climbing the high peaks, etc. I personally specialize in planning cultural trips that can include trekking portions if required. For solely trekking and climbing trips I work in cooperation with my colleague.

Victoria's best travel experience

During any trip, we see and learn so much and have so many unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We take so many memories home with us. Although not a personal travel story, one of my most memorable experiences is connected to a customer of mine who came from Australia to visit Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. We spent a lot of time planning her trip and arranging the budget. Afterward, I received an e-mail from her saying she was happy with everything. I was so glad to know that our mutual work brought her so many warm impressions and memories. Now, this might be a routine event in my work, but during all this time of corresponding this lady and I became real friends and it was so nice to know that I had exceeded her expectations. It was such a warm feeling!

Why is Victoria the right travel expert

Central Asia is a unique region that offers so many different destinations and activities for travelers. Being an expert in the possibilities of the region, and having almost 10 years experience in the industry, I can offer you a route that would meet all or almost all of your requirements and preferences. I also love my job and am ready to offer you excellent service and commitment!