I am an Italian who was born and raised in Como Lake. However, I consider myself a citizen of the world! When I was 20 years old, I left Italy and decided to move to Yellowstone National Park, USA on my own for six months. This experience completely changed my life! Living and working in a multicultural environment broadened my perspective and peaked my desire to travel the world.

From the USA I moved to the UK where I finally understood that I could change my passion into a career. And that is why I am here as a travel expert.

I am passionate about traveling, learning about and from new cultures, and love food and wine! I also enjoy dancing to Latin American music and love partaking in adrenaline activities.

Veronica's Travel Expertise

I have plenty of experience in planning destination weddings and tailor-made trips to Italy and Switzerland. My specialty is working intimately with clients to realize their holiday dream and helping them turn them into a reality. I ensure that the holidays are as per their preferences and budget, while constantly ensuring a top quality service.

I specialize in VIP tailor made trips all over Italy and Switzerland, inclusive of exclusive cultural tours, outdoor and adrenaline experiences, as well as multi-sensory honeymoon trips!

Expert Activities

Veronica's best travel experience

I am completely fascinated with the Middle Age Era and I swear that I have never experienced elsewhere in the world such a magical setting as at the Chateau Chillon in Montreux, one of the best preserved castles all over Europe!

Walking through its ancient cellar, prison, great halls, the Bernese chamber, the duke’s chamber, the chapel and even the sentry walks was a proper immersive multi-sensory experience. I was taken right back to the middle ages. It was a fantastic journey through time and space at Chillon, uncovering the mysteries behind hidden passageways, the underground Gothic vaulted ceilings and the prison where the famous Bonivard was kept!

As you reach the top of the main tower, you look outside and you find yourself surrounded by an idyllic landscape — an enchanting lake and magnificent green lush valley.

Why is Veronica the right travel expert

I am passionate about my job and every time I design a tailor-made holiday for my clients, I feel very much a part of their journey. I always do my very best to create the perfect stay that gives them the possibility to experience the real local culture!

I have lived in fantastic Italian gems like Bologna, Tortellini, the Amalfi Coast and Rome. All these lived experiences allowed me to deeply immerse into the local life and traditions! This is exactly the knowledge that I always love sharing with my clients. I want them to feel everything I felt and experience all the “the secret corners” out of the beaten tourists’ paths that I experienced as a local.

I also have a lot of local connections in Switzerland, as Lake Como is very close to the Swiss Border. Hence, I am well versed in arranging trips in the country too. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the idyllic Swiss lush valleys or go on an adventure to the top of the breath-taking Alps, I have got you covered.