Xin chao! My name is Ha. I have over 10-year's experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. I like traveling and that's why I chose this work. To me, traveling means discovering new lands, meeting new friends, hearing new stories, and having new experiences. I love my country, Vietnam, and I am lucky to have many opportunities to visit many beautiful or famous sites in Vietnam as well as in Indochina.

I am proud to be a member of the company I work for; I work in a very professional environment with a great team, doing what I love. I hope that with my experiences, I can assist you in planning and creating the most memorable trip for your holiday to Vietnam and Indochina and help you come to love my motherland as much as I do.

Tran's Travel Expertise

I am an expert on Vietnam, Camboya, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Within Vietnam, I specialise in all the major places including Hanoi, Halong, Ho Chi Minh, Danang, Hoian and more!

In terms of activities, I offer long tours, boat tours, luxury packages, camping, horseback riding, village visits, cultural trips, cooking class, city sightseeing and basically most other activities you would be interested in, depending on your travel style.

Expert Activities

Tran's best travel experience

I love to travel so it is hard to select just one unforgettable experience. But what comes to mind is a trip I took to Cambodia a few months ago. At the time, I was a bit hesitant about starting the trip as I knew it was going to be the complete opposite of the big city travel experiences I was used to. Yet in the end, I think that the reason why I loved Cambodia so much was that it wasn't like a big city experience!

For instance, I found a level of beauty, solitude and happiness in exploring the Angkor Wat temple despite it being a major tourist attraction. It was also refreshing and somehow freeing to go on a hot-air balloon ride and just see the open sky and endless fields of lush green, uninterrupted by skyscrapers and freeways but just the occasional temple or house. And yes, I wasn't surrounded by the big shops, museums or modern landmarks that I usually love in big city destinations, but still, I found the same level of fun and satisfaction - if not more - surrounded by nature. I even befriended an elephant by offering bananas!

I still am a big city girl, but I think that the reason why Cambodia is my most unforgettable travel experience is that it taught me that sometimes the most fulfilling memories happen where you least expect it.

Why is Tran the right travel expert

In my last job, I trained to be a tourist guide and spent years travelling all around Indochina. Because of this, I know a lot about different tours, locations and most importantly, what most overseas travellers are interested in. Now, as a local travel specialist, I help travellers find the most suitable route, the most appropriate time, and the best services and activities to suit each customer's needs and wishes.

Big smiles, great memories and a high level of satisfaction from all of my customers is the primary goal of my job. Come and let me show you how good I am!