I grew up in Dorset, in the south of England, but moved to Kenya when I was 14. I lived there for 5 years and the experiences I got there are what really got me into travel. When I saw that a big European travel company was hiring, I felt the job suited me perfectly! I've now been working here for a few years and have led several of the group tours, getting to 16 different locations across Europe.

Since I've moved back, I've traveled a fair amount of Europe and also made a couple of trips back to Africa. I'm always looking for new and exciting destinations to get to on my holidays as well and enjoy visiting a variety of different places. As of now, I've mainly traveled through Europe but I am looking to explore more places further afield.

Tolly's Travel Expertise

I work as a trip planner, helping people plan and customize routes traveling through Europe. This is mainly for interrailing holidays, but I also organize bus and ferry transport in places where trains aren't available.

Recently, I've led a few of our group tours, which involve traveling by train and bus through Europe as part of a group. I traveled with the guests, got them to all the trains, buses and accommodation, and also taken them to an included activity in each city. I'm always on hand to help the guests with anything they need on these tours, as well as recommend things to do, places to eat and so on, but without being with them 24/7. This has given me a really good knowledge what many of these cities has to offer as well as good cultural insight and an idea of what life in each city is like.

Tolly's best travel experience

When I was 18, I traveled to northern Kenya with a friend to stay with an Irish missionary family and help out with various community projects they were running up there. The area we were staying in was a really remote, about a 3-hour drive from the nearest tarmacked road, and in the middle of the desert. The local villages were mostly made up of mud huts and people often wore traditional tribal dress. One day when we came back from working at the mission, we found that a cow from the local village had walked into the house and was standing in our bedroom. We ended up spending about an hour and a half trying to get this cow to come outside the rooms so we could go to bed. It wasn't the easiest task but it makes for a good story!

Why is Tolly the right travel expert

The independent trips that I and the company I work for are able to offer are personalized, so we can advise the best route based on what you're looking to see. Since I (and my colleagues also) have visited many of the places we offer several times each, I can be considered an expert on travel and will be able to suggest ways to improve the routes customers are looking at. This also takes all the stress out of booking as we'll organize all the transport and accommodation, and provide directions to each train station and suggestions for what to see and do in each city.