As a child, I spent a lot of time being active in nature not far from where we lived in Croatia. My parents often took me hiking, and this is how I learned to enjoy the little things and to respect and preserve our Mother Nature.

After school, I worked in an agency that organized school trips within Croatia, and as a guide, I visited almost every corner of my country. Over time, my love for nature and animals only increased, and caring for the environment became an essential part of my nature trips.

I love spending time outdoors and spend most of my free time wandering and exploring around, in the company of family, friends, and two dogs.

Life is simple, and the simplicity of life is the key to its quality and overall happiness. I want to share that with our clients. It's beautiful everywhere, you just have to see it.

Tina's Travel Expertise

I specialize in the whole of Croatia and some of the surrounding areas. My particular specialties within Croatia are Istria and Kvarner Bay, as well as the islands and Central Dalmatia.

I am also an expert in cultural and natural tours combined with great stories, legends or just historical facts, whatever you want!

In 2016, I passed the exam to be a local tourist guide. This gave me a certificate as well as an obligation to be a local who is active in preserving the place where I live. This is something I incorporate into all the tours I lead. But as time goes on, I prefer to work from the office and thus provide clients with unforgettable travel experiences.

Expert Destinations

Tina's best travel experience

One of my most memorable travel experiences is when I was 5 and I traveled with my grandma to visit my aunt who moved to New York. I cannot explain how excited I was. My grandma, meanwhile, didn’t understand any non–Croatian words. Croatia was still a part of the ex-Yugoslavia at that time.

From Zagreb, we headed to Belgrade for a flight to New York. The flight was canceled, and we had to wait until the new plane arrived. I was tired, hungry, and acting like a real brat. After about 6 hours of waiting, the plane finally took off and the flight lasted approximately 9 hours. For me, this journey was extremely long and boring. I thought that the flight would last forever, so many times I suggested to my grandma that we needed to jump from the airplane. I believed that the safety belts were good enough to save us from everything.

When we came to JFK Airport, for the first time in my life I saw how people can communicate with their hands and eyes, without spelling a word. My grandma did an excellent job, she brought her and me (a little brat) to our destination. We were so happy! If you ask her, it was the most terrible journey of her life, she was so scared. But if you ask me, I will never forget the expression on her exhausted face when she saw her daughter waiting for us at the exit area.

Why is Tina the right travel expert

I have a lot of experience; I have been involved in tourism since I started working. With minimal deviations, I mostly worked on organizing trips in Croatia, from educational trips for school groups to tourist arrangements for individuals and groups of adults.

I love to travel and move around regularly in the company of my loved ones. I am happy that Croatia offers countless experiences, so I don't have to travel far!