I started traveling while I was a student at a music college and since then, I've never really stopped. As a culture vulture, I have visited many so many museums, churches and historical buildings across Europe that I feel like European countries are my extended home. I also love living in Norway and I never stop exploring it.

Joining a tour operator company was the best decision I ever made. Here I can apply my extensive experience as a traveler, learn a bunch of new and exciting things, test different accommodations and activities, and work with the best local experts.

I personally love food, especially in those small family restaurants where you can discuss the cooking nuances with the chef. But most of all, I enjoy amazing scenery, adventure and wildlife.

Tamara's Travel Expertise

I specialize in active holidays, adventures and Scandinavian luxury travel products. My department is, without a doubt, the most exciting and fun place to work in our company. You can talk with me about winter activities such as the Northern Lights, dog sledding and snowmobiling, and any summer activity you can possibly think of.

Together with my colleagues I customize standard routes or create unique bespoke trips to Norway and/or other Scandinavian countries. If you plan to travel with a group or want to join one, feel free to ask me about your options.I’m looking forward to extending and sharing my experience by creating new great itineraries for you!

Tamara's best travel experience

One of my best travel experiences is fishing on the fjord during the “midnight sun” period. It was a strange, almost surreal feeling to sit in a boat in the middle of a perfectly quiet fjord in complete silence, watching rare pink clouds, when suddenly, water would start bubbling when schools of fish came close to the surface. You don't need to be an experienced fisher in order to get a decent catch, fish will literally jump right in the boat!

Why is Tamara the right travel expert

I try to give as much information as possible about authentic experiences for travelers that seek knowledge about local culture and customs. I also take a lot of time to meet new operators and tour guides in order to understand what exactly they offer and how their services can benefit my clients. It gives genuinely satisfying feeling to hear from our guests " I loved your country!" and inspires me to think fresh, step outside the box and create new exciting itineraries.

My best advice? Booking a city tour on your first day will save you hours of searching online or asking a concierge. Also, remember to ask at the hotel to get the rooms with panoramic views. And, lastly, don’t be afraid to head off the beaten path, in Norway they all lead to the same popular destinations!