I grew up in Plymouth, UK, and rarely travelled as a youngster. Perhaps feeling some pent-up need to explore the world, I hitchhiked my way to Germany when I was 18 years old and found employment there. The exploring and working routine took me on to the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Exploring was backpacking/slow travel, and working was in hotels to save money to travel!

I eventually found my way into working in travel at a UK family-owned travel company, first in sales and then product management. Missing Southeast Asia I moved to Cambodia in 2011 and worked for a larger travel agency before setting up my own company in 2014.

Travel is both experiential and educational for me. If I could, I would explore every corner of the world, but as a second-best option, I get to do what I love for work and help others discover authentic destinations such as Cambodia and Laos.

Steve's Travel Expertise

I know Cambodia and Laos very well. They are both relatively small countries and easy enough to travel around, so it is not complicated to learn a lot about both places. My favourite areas in both countries would be the Mekong area. Not just incredibly scenic, but also full of friendly locals and less developed than the tourist areas such as Siem Reap and Luang Prabang.

Personally, I cycle a lot which helps foster an appreciation of the villages and local cultures in the best way. I am an expert at slow travel and exploration and I am great at helping you plan the same. I am also an expert at designing authentic, off-the-beaten-path trips that are well-suited to different travellers’ needs and expectations.

Steve's best travel experience

There are too many to write about, so I’ll just pick one. I'm a fan of volcanoes and once had the chance in the Philippines to help experts explode charges under the rock to measure movement. Imagine being on a volcanic island in the night waiting for the dynamite to blow! With also the knowledge that volcanoes can erupt without warning! Now, living in Cambodia, at least I don't need to worry about active volcanoes.

Why is Steve the right travel expert

I'm interested in creating personal tours according to your own interests. So I will ask lots of questions! No two people are alike, and I can offer the must-sees, slow travel experiences, off-the-beaten-track destinations etc...so tell me as much about yourselves as possible so I can make the best suggestions. In that way, your tour will be exactly what you are looking for!