Hello, my name is Sergio Costa!

I am originally from Portugal, but I have been living in the Arctic Circle for a few years now. I first moved to Helsinki, but once I had the opportunity to move to Rovaniemi, I didn't think twice.

Coming from Portugal, I know what it is like to experience snow for the first time. Many of our guests will experience the same.

While living in the gateway of Lapland, I had the chance to travel around the area, not only in Finland but Sweden and Norway too. Finland still remains my favourite location and I think the winter here is by far the most unique of all the northern countries.

For me, the only thing missing in Rovaniemi is the ocean, but the beautiful rivers and lakes make up for it!

Sergio's Travel Expertise

I specialise in all kinds of winter activities in Finland and Norway.

While living in the Arctic, I had the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of a 6-month-long winter. This has given me great insight into nature, wildlife and culture inside of Lapland in Northern Finland.

Watching the Northern Lights almost every day has also led me to learn extensively about the natural phenomenon. I have also shared the view with a professional photographer, who has taught me tips and tricks for the perfect Aurora pictures.

Here in the Arctic Circle, one of the best ways of transportation during the harsh winters is the snowmobile, another speciality of mine. Since the lakes and rivers are frozen, you can often travel through unique areas this way.

Expert Destinations

Sergio's best travel experience

Many people don't know this, but the reindeer in the Arctic are semi-domesticated. This means that during the summer they run freely through Lapland, but in the winter, they return to farms on their own to find food. It is still possible to spot wild ones, but not very common. One night, during a showing of the Northern Lights, I was surprised by a couple of reindeer running across a frozen lake while the Auroras were dancing in the sky.

Why is Sergio the right travel expert

If you are looking for an exotic winter experience throughout the North, I believe I can give you the best tips and schedule to make your trip perfect. I have experienced all the activities myself and I believe that this knowledge can help you to make the most of your travels. If you decide to snowmobile through a frozen lake, or meet the huskies and go for a sleigh, I will help you!