I am proudly Mexican, having grown up in Mexico City and California. Currently, my favorite hobbies are adventure-related sports such as hiking, climbing, mountaineering, and snowboarding, among others.

Mexico's natural and cultural richness was one of my main motivations for wanting to travel and work side by side with rural populations and communities throughout the country, especially with those who care for their environment through tourism. These experiences inspired me to be one of the co-founders of an agency that bases its values and aspirations, as I do, on natural and cultural diversity.

Every day this creates consciousness about the environment in which we are and drives me to share my thoughts with people from other parts of the world or even with people close to me who can make a change, just like me.

Sebastian's Travel Expertise

I have always been passionate about the diversity in Mexico, and traveling at a very early age helped me learn the most visited places and the most hidden corners of the country.

I specialize mainly in regions such as the Yucatan Peninsula (which includes the states of Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo), where I have worked with original Mayan communities and several other populations in charge of nature reserves, beaches, mangroves, jungle, and different endemic species.

Also, the area of Chiapas, especially in the Lacandon Jungle and its main cities, for example, San Cristobal de las Casas where I lived for more than half a year. Another of my favorite places is Oaxaca, with its beaches, sunsets, people, and gastronomy.

Finally, the center of Mexico, specifically in the capital city, which is considered one of the largest cities in the world and is where I am originally from, also its surrounding colonial towns, such as Puebla, San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Guadalajara in Jalisco, Baja California Sur in the north of the country and many other areas.

Sebastian's best travel experience

Without a doubt, one of my favorite states in Mexico is Chiapas, and one of the experiences that marked me the most was when I camped for a whole week in the Lacandon Jungle, specifically in a place called "Laguna Miramar," located in the southwestern part of the Integral Biosphere Reserve of Montes Azules. It is a place that is characterized by being in the heart of the jungle.

What made this trip unforgettable was the many shades of green in the trees, the sound of various animals such as the howler monkey (locally called the saraguato), crocodiles, turtles; its impressive caves, the crystal clear water. All these factors helped me connect with the environment and commit even more to conservation because, at that time, part of the area was being deforested.

Thanks to this experience, I reinforced my ideals about seeking to preserve these types of regions with the help of tourism.

Why is Sebastian the right travel expert

I have a lot of passion and pride for Mexico; I love my country. But, one of my passions is to share with the world what I like the most, which is to travel in a more conscious way, where you can live and learn from cultural diversity, add value that our ecosystem deserves, and recognize the people who work every day to preserve it.

All this is possible thanks to the experiences I have had during all the time I spent traveling. Therefore, I know the needs a traveler is looking for, and I know how to design astonishing experiences.