Hello! My name is Paulina and I am a travel expert. I studied tourism in school, but it was discovering how encouraging and exciting knowing new cultures and exploring nature can be that made me really fall in love with what I do. I would consider myself a nature and adventure lover who enjoys meeting new people and cultures from around the world. I also love showing my culture and sharing my experiences with other people.

One of my favorite things about Costa Rica is the fact that even though it is a very small country, there are so many different magic places to discover. I would love you to let me show you this amazing and unique paradise and help you discover how wonderful and magical such a small piece of land as Costa Rica can be.

Paulina's Travel Expertise

I specialize in family vacations and luxury couple trips. I like to design unique and exciting packages that help people have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I also specialize in nature and adventure experiences; as an adventure and nature lover myself, designing adventure tourism packages is one of the things I enjoy the most. Costa Rica is the perfect destination to connect with nature and for living the most exciting experiences.

Paulina's best travel experience

I consider that all travel experiences are unique and special in their own ways, but if I have to choose one unique experience in Costa Rica I will never forget it would be the first time I visited Tortuguero. Being in the middle of the night, accompanied by a supermoon, while little turtles were walking to the sea was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Why is Paulina the right travel expert

I am really passionate about what I do, and I bring this passion to my job every day. I like to do as best I can for my clients and to make sure they will have the most perfect and memorable experience.

I will be glad to be part of this experience and to help you create the trip of your dreams, a unique experience that for sure you will never forget!