I never had the opportunity to travel outside of Egypt before I started working in the tourism sector. In fact, the only reason I pursued a degree in tourism was because studying aviation was very expensive. However, my decision to enroll in the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel has done me good, leading me to a career of tours and travels. My life has not been the same since. I have travelled as much as I can, including countries such as Japan, Dubai, Germany, Italy and Austria, and have enjoyed helping fellow travelers explore my own country too.

I have been working in the tourism industry for more than 16 years now, and my passion for travel has only increased over these years. When I can, I prefer to take 2 weeks to 20 days' break and travel a couple of countries within the timeframe. It saves time and allows me to explore two countries, their culture, food and people. It definitely feels like a longer vacation than it really is. Besides other countries, I take time to explore Egypt itself. So far, I have been to every single place in the country, with and without clients.

Mostafa's Travel Expertise

I earned a degree in guidance so I have been trained in explaining Egyptian history and archaeology to travelers. If you are interested in Egyptian civilization, monuments and archaeology, I am the go-to-guy.

While I specialize in Egyptian history and am skilled in providing details of the monuments such as the famous pyramids, the Great Sphinx, Luxor and Karnak temples, and different tombs of the pharaohs, including the tomb of Tutankhamun, I can also help you plan itineraries for adventure activities in the red sea or a desert safari. I am interested in the Nubian tribe of Egypt myself, and by default can help you explore their culture, lifestyle and craft as well.

Mostafa's best travel experience

As a traveler, I have gathered a lot of unique experiences throughout these years. The one that sticks out is my self-drive trip from Germany to Austria. I rented a car and drove myself through the two nations and experienced the Alps at my own pace. It was a wonderful time off with myself and enjoyed it a lot.

When on a budget trip, I also always try to travel by night bus. It saves time and money, and I highly recommend it to my guests if they are traveling on a budget too. As a fellow traveler, I understand the importance of spending on things that matter and saving up whenever one can.

Why is Mostafa the right travel expert

Apart from my qualifications and experiences as a travel guide, I am also a traveler myself. I fully understand the needs and emotions of a traveler visiting a new country and will assist you as per your requirement before, during and after the journey. Besides, I know every destination in Egypt and all their highlights as well as little-known secrets that many are not aware of. I am also a keen problem-solver, so I will find a solution to any and every problem that you might face during your trip. As I said earlier, I am your go-to-guy in Egypt.