Tourism is not just a job for me, it is a passion. I have travelled to many countries and to all major cities in Egypt and Jordan. I know the culture of each destination, the best things to do and what to see.

I was raised in a family that worked in tourism. My late father was actually one of the top travel experts in Egypt! From him, I acquired a love of tourism and learned the complexities of the business. Not just that, I learnt how to cater to travellers' requests and provide top notch service.

To complement the expertise I learned, I went to school and earned Bachelor's degrees in tourism and economics both, and then a Master’s degree. My studies helped me to strengthen my ability to analyse the market and to be aware of the complexities of different products and how to integrate e-tourism to enhance my marketing techniques.

Today, with experience spanning over 20 years, I manage to cater to all tastes and budgets and design dream holidays at very competitive costs, with high-quality services. Although my travel agency is among the top in Egypt, my ambition is to make it the best!

Mona's Travel Expertise

As Egypt and Jordan are rich in history, my speciality is cultural tours. From day trips and sightseeing excursions to explore the main historic attractions of these cities to the longer, multi-day tours. I also specialize and run desert safari adventure tours by 4x4 jeep, oasis exploration, and camping under the stars. My top favourite is the beach and relaxing holidays on the amazing beaches of Egypt and the Dead Sea in Jordan. I have expertise in many areas and cannot be restricted to certain criteria of specialization; whatever the traveller wants to do, even if it’s an unusual tour, I would be able to do it!

Mona's best travel experience

My most challenging experience in tourism was to cater to a group of 9-year-old school students on different trips around Egypt. I learned a lot of tolerance, particularly in that students get bored quickly and need the pace of the trip to be fast! I had to ensure they were always engaged and entertained. Visiting temples, archaeological sites and eating in different restaurants with different clients has made me aware of how to design the tours from the perspective of the clients.

Why is Mona the right travel expert

As a passionate traveller, I have become an expert travel specialist. I have travelled all through Egypt and I know each street, each attraction, the people, the culture and the food, all of which I have personally experienced. With this in mind, I am able to share my knowledge and help my customers design their dream holidays.

The travel agency which I am a partner in has ample experience in the tourism industry. It caters more than 10000 clients each year in Egypt and Jordan. With our private fleet of coaches and buses, I will ensure best quality service and high level of safety for my clients.