I was born and raised surrounded by red granite rocks in the small town of Tafraout, situated 150km south of Agadir in Morocco. Growing up, I remember realizing how popular my village was; there were always tourists visiting the small destination. During my teenage years, I explored the mountains surrounding my village with my friends. Our imaginations ran wild and we played games spotting granite rocks that were shaped like humans.

Since I knew my village very well, I would also help tourists discover my locality. It was then that I realized how my small town lacked tourist-friendly resources, such as indications and maps. So I used my skills in arts and technology to create illustration maps of my village. Then, in 2001, I built a website for my village called tafraout.info which was handed over to the local municipality and tourism association as the village's official portal. In doing so, not only was I successful in placing my village on the digital map, but also made it easier for incoming tourists to discover it.

After graduating from University in Agadir, I went to France for further studies but later decided to return. I settled in Agadir and started working in a travel company. Although I began with transportation, I eventually moved on to creating tailor-made tours especially in southern Morocco. Currently, I work for Monarch Travel, helping create tailor-made tours for visitors to my country.

Mohamed's Travel Expertise

I developed much of my expertise at Monarch Travel, one of the leading travel agencies in Morocco. I learned about online booking systems and tour operating, including regular tours and customized private tours with stays in luxury hotels and riads, and more!

I am happy to be able to help you build the tour you want in Morocco and include activities and excursions that will take you deeper into the country, meeting local people and learning about history, culture, nature or any other theme! I specialize in all types of tours and travel such as Jewish heritage tours, architectural tours, culinary tours, horse riding tours, art & culture tours.... you name it!

Expert Activities

Mohamed's best travel experience

Back in 2005, I was managing a small incentive group in Agadir. The group wanted to explore the area and camp out in the granite mountains. I had arranged for many locals to help make this excursion a success. The activities included camel rides, bike rides, picnics and camping. Amongst the help was a young unemployed man from a village in the Atlas Mountains. He knew the landscape well and was left in charge of building a Berber camp in the best location possible, and he did a terrific job. After the first excursion, we hired him again for 2 more groups. Eventually, he ended up developing his career as a mountain guide and a camp professional. Today, he is one of the best mountain guides in the Anti Atlas region.

Why is Mohamed the right travel expert

I know my country, Morocco, very well and I love sharing my knowledge.
I have many years’ experience in tailor-made and group travel.
I know how to add interesting content to a trip to make it special.
I can offer suitable and competitive quotations.
I listen to your comments and adapt the trip itinerary to your needs.
I am available.
And finally, the company I work for, Monarch Travel, is a reference for Moroccan tourism.