Hello! My name is Micheal and I am your Beijing tour guide and travel expert. I was born in southern China in a city near Guilin and then I moved to Beijing (Peking) to study tourism. I started to work with China Ways as a travel expert and have been in this job for more than 5 years. I really love meeting new people and showing them the beauty and history of China.

One thing I love about travel is learning about different cultures, lifestyles, and preferences. Travelling is stepping out of my comfort zone and is a great way to learn and grow. When I travel, I try to live like locals: I eat their food and try to spend my time like locals do, to get the best experience. I also love the variety of food, drink and spices when I travel. Finally, travelling allows me to find new friends around the globe and I feel like I’m truly living in a global village.

What I love about China is that it is a huge country with a lot of variety in the weather, culture, and food. It is so diverse! In China, you can go to the western parts and see the Middle Eastern cultural footprint such as Muslim food, mosques, and gifts. You can go to the south to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and the greatest landscapes ever, or you can go to the ports such as Shanghai to enjoy the most amazing city vibes and luxury malls! We have everything here in China. I also love living in a country with thousands of years of history.

Micheal's Travel Expertise

In the past few years, I have helped hundreds of customers to customize tours in China and I believe that I have enough knowledge and experience to tailor make excellent tours for my clients. I learn each client’s preferences and have enough options to offer a wonderful, personalized vacation.

Whether you are in China to explore the history, or to be active and adventurous, or even if you are looking for a memorable honeymoon in China, I will be here to help! I have been to most Chinese cities and know a lot about all the best tourist attractions. I can also offer you theme tours or activities such as hiking, biking, cooking, water adventure tours, etc.

Micheal's best travel experience

I am lucky enough to have visited some great countries before I started working here in China. For instance, I lived and worked in the United States for a year and it was a great experience for me. I lived in Colorado State and met so many wonderful people. Living in a different country as an expat is very different than travelling for fun. I learnt so many things about western culture and how people live there – which is sometimes very different than far east culture – and it was an amazing experience. Living in the USA helped me to become a better tour guide in China as now I am able to see things from a westerner's perspective.

I also lived and worked in Dubai, UAE for a short time. I really admire the beauty and luxury of Dubai! I also went to Iran once, and I found the country kind of similar to China as they have a great history and a lot of tourist attractions. Besides, Persian food is amazing!

Why is Micheal the right travel expert

The knowledge I have from both my studies in the tourist industry and years of working experience in the Chinese travel market makes me a good candidate to offer customized tours to my clients. I am also a good listener and try hard to understand exactly what people are looking for so that I can offer what they want. I am sure you will enjoy your experience in China, and I will help you to make it perfect!