I was born in Argentina and grew up in Buenos Aires. I have been travelling around Argentina since I was a child, especially to Mendoza since part of my family is from that beautiful part of our country.

From the time when I left school, I knew I wanted to become a professional in the travel industry and that's the reason I went to university and earned a diploma in tourism. I am a really curious person and I like to learn new things; I have such a variety of interests in my personal life, I never stop!

Later, I decided that I needed to add a new side to my career, so I enrolled in accounting studies, which is great because dealing with numbers is a huge part of my job! It's important that I make sure that I offer the best places, am fast with my answers and offer great quotations!

When I am not entertained with travellers, I enjoy being a personal fitness coach. This is another passion I have. I am a very active person and I believe in having balance in my life, which allows me to train my mind and my body.

Since I finalized my studies in tourism, I worked in a couple of the best incoming companies in Argentina, where I gained a solid background both in retail and wholesale areas. I finally joined Across South America and I am so happy I did because it allows me to be work closely with each customer and be really creative with the itineraries I offer. I choose to work with fewer clients and can give each one the real attention needed in the type of trips we offer.

Mayra's Travel Expertise

I specialize 100% in tailor-made trips for well-travelled couples and families that have been almost everywhere and who are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience in South America. My itineraries are a great combination of classic and hidden places and there is always an element of originality. I am really obsessed with the details and before offering anything, I make sure that I really understand who is travelling, and the reasons and expectations.

I am also a special interest group specialist (for example groups interested in wildlife, wines, local atmosphere) and I enjoy creating from scratch a new experience.

The countries that I specialize in are of course Argentina, and also Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Mayra's best travel experience

A recent amazing travel experience I would like to share with you is a trip I took to the Northwest of Argentina, places I encourage you to visit: Salta and Jujuy. I flew to Salta and from there I explored Salinas Grandes, Purmamarca and the rest of the Quebrada de Humahuaca.

Why did I like this trip so much? Firstly, it was a trip with colleagues from the industry so I had a lot of fun sharing the experience with people that have been travelling around the world just like me! But it was mostly the immensity of the landscapes and the calm, relaxed way of the northern people who made me fall in love with these towns. I certainly did not expect to feel such tranquillity, I guess being an active and busy person, having the chance to stop for a while and just breathe, take it slow, was truly amazing.

Also, Salta and Jujuy are places that still can be considered remote and not invaded by the massive tourism, a thing that I always search for in new travel adventures!

Why is Mayra the right travel expert

When it comes to being original, offering the best logistics, and most importantly, giving fast solutions to well-travelled customers, I am really up to the challenge. I simply love what I do and it shows. I am a happy traveller and I consider myself a lucky person since I am working in this industry, promoting my culture to customers from all around the world.