My name is Maud and I grew up on a tiny tropical Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. When I was very young, my dad took me with him around the world, giving me a passion for travelling. I love discovering new places, finding little gems in every country, meeting new people, tasting the best food and learning about new cultures. This passion has led me to many amazing places: I have travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Spain, Indonesia, Panama, Peru and more!

But it was after backpacking through South America that I fell in love with the beautiful country of Peru. I decided to stay and now I live in the dynamic and often surprising city of Lima, where I organize amazing trips for people.

Something funny about me? My dog is called Lima!

Maud's Travel Expertise

I personally love the outdoors and stunning landscapes. I could never honestly choose between mountains or beach because I grew up with both in my life. But since I have been in Peru, I have developed a passion for trekking and other adventurous activities such as zip lining and rafting. I also love food tasting and archaeological sites. I am always up for an adventure in the wild Amazon or a trek leading to a turquoise lagoon.

Maud's best travel experience

One of the most memorable travel experiences I had was while travelling Peru for the very first time. Not only was my trip amazing, but it was also full of surprises. In one instance, I travelled alone to the beautiful region of Huaraz and ended up sharing a dorm with an American and a two-meter-tall Norwegian. It was improbable, but I remember us watching movies, sharing our travel stories and going to Laguna 69 together. We became really close during our time together but I never saw them again. To me, this is part of the magic of travelling: meeting new people, making friends, sharing a moment together and creating a wonderful memory.

Why is Maud the right travel expert

I am confident saying that I know Peru very well. I have travelled all over its beautiful regions and have personally tried many hotels, restaurants and activities such as trekking, cooking classes, biking, food tours and more. I operate trips all over the country and most importantly I love building trips for everyone: families, couples, hikers, archaeology lovers, adventure seekers... anyone! Also, it does not take me long to perfectly understand what kind of traveller you are and what you are expecting from a trip.