Originating from England, I spent my younger years on the road, travelling and working in twenty different countries. I soon discovered the delights and culture of Southeast Asia and returned frequently to this part of the world (especially Thailand).

As an adult back in England, I worked as an engineer. But I missed travelling around Asia, so fifteen years ago I made a life change - I moved to Chiang Mai and made Thailand my home. It was at this time that I started Travel Hub with my Thai wife, who already worked as a tour guide. I still live here now with my family.

I have travelled extensively in Thailand both as a tourist and now a resident. From my time in Asia in combination with my European roots, I feel I am in a unique position to understand the requirements and expectations of our western clients.

Matthew's Travel Expertise

I am based in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, but I have a very extensive knowledge of Bangkok and the whole of Thailand. I make frequent trips up into the hills in the north and work closely with our trekking guides to form new and exciting trekking routes for our clients. This broad knowledge allows me to work with our clients to provide custom trips that cover multiple destinations and activities.

Matthew's best travel experience

On my first ever trip to Thailand, I entered from Malaysia in the south and quickly made my way to Koh Phi Phi. Twenty years ago this lovely little island had not yet seen much development and I found myself renting a simple bamboo bungalow on the beach for 4 USD a night (which was as far as my accommodation budget would allow back then)! The bungalow was built on the sand and when the tide came in it, the water came within 3 meters of the bungalow door. It was a magical experience. I wouldn’t have swapped this simple bamboo beach bungalow even for the most luxurious of 5-star hotels.

Why is Matthew the right travel expert

Before I became a tour operator, I travelled extensively in Asia and Thailand. As a tourist myself, I visited the places Travel Hub now offers on its tours. I have travelled and seen the places as a traveller too! This has allowed me to have a better understanding of our client's needs and expectations, from their perspective.

I develop every set itinerary tour that we offer myself to ensure it provides the maximum amount of interest in the given time frame. It is always a fine line between offering a full number of sights to see in a day and allowing enough time to really appreciate the individual sight visited.

I have also, of course, visited all the places we offer. I also frequently amend itineraries to offer unique experiences, which are often missed by other tour companies.