My name is Mathias, and I’m originally from Germany although I have been living and working in Ecuador for almost 4 years now. I especially like the country for its people, the food and the diversity of places and activities.

My favorite corners of Ecuador include the rainforest, the cloud forest of Mindo and the beaches of the provinces Manabí and Santa Elena. And there's Galapagos, of course! I also enjoy trekking and climbing; my current record includes the Iliniza Norte, Rucu & Guagua Pichincha and the volcano Tungurahua, which just recently has been opened up again for visitors after many years of eruptive activity! Diving and birding are other activities I like and find plenty of opportunities for here in Ecuador.

The great thing about my job at our agency is the possibility to design personalized trips; each trip is unique because our travelers are.

Mathias's Travel Expertise

Ecuador and Galapagos offer so many wonderful and diverse places, and if I claimed that I knew them all, it certainly would not be true (just look at the vast size of the Amazon rainforest!). But it is no exaggeration if I say that I know most (and the most beautiful) places. Here is a tiny selection of them:

"Alley of the volcanoes" in the Andean highlands, with its countless volcanoes that invite you to hike, ride with mountain bikes or even climbing - including the famous Cotopaxi

The Amazon Rainforest. Eastern Ecuador consists mainly of jungle, with two protected areas: The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and the Yasuní National Park. See monkeys, Anakondas, pink river dolphins and more.

Galapagos Islands: Ecuador's best seller, a unique habitat with endemic species that have no fear of humans. As a bonus, Galapagos features the most beautiful beaches of Ecuador.

Nice beaches and delicious seafood can also be found at the Pacific coast of Ecuador, also known as the "Sun Route".

Cloud forests offer unique biodiversity hotspots in the Andean slopes, for example in Mindo and Guango; perfect destinations for birdwatching and extreme sports such as rafting, zip lining and canyoning.

Northern Ecuador with its less known El Angel National Park.

Southern Ecuador offers UNESCO-cultural heritage sites such as Zaruma and Cuenca, a lot of nature in the petrified forest of Puyango, birder's haven Buenaventura Reserve and the "longevity village" Vilcabamba.

Mathias's best travel experience

Spending New Year's night in the Amazon rainforest with awesome people I had met there was definitely a very special and different experience. No fireworks, just the mystical noises of the animals in the endless green rainforest. Another great experience followed immediately, a cruise around the Galapagos Islands, where I could snorkel with sea lions and baby sharks. An unforgettable adventure!

Why is Mathias the right travel expert

As I've said, I really love Ecuador and all of its interesting and magical corners. I also love my job and enjoy customizing trips for travellers. With me as your travel expert and with help from our team, I am confident that your trip will be in the best hands. Our travel specialists have 30 years of combined experience in the travel business and will make sure that you will get the trip of your dreams. Our specialists will tailor your itinerary towards your personal preferences until it fits exactly what you want. After booking, you will be provided with all the necessary and additional useful information, and during your trip, we will be there for you with tips and hints and our 24/7 English-speaking emergency line.