Hello, my name is Martin. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, I have been travelling all around my country since I was very young, visiting as many unexplored places as you could imagine, from the most southern point of the continent to the warmest and most awesome landscapes in the north. I believe that when you travel, you open your mind by experiencing new tastes, cultures, and passions.

I love travelling, and this interest was the main reason I started studying tourism. But after a few years, I realized that I found real pleasure in helping other people live their own unforgettable travel experiences. Every person in the world has goals in their life, and if you are here with us, it means that travelling is one of them. My goal is to make your dreams come true!

Martin's Travel Expertise

When it comes to travel experiences, some of the activities I specialise in include trekking, cultural experiences, any kind of sport and photography. I also like to suggest some self-driving programs in certain locations, such as in the northwest of Argentina and the lakes area in Argentina and Chile, among others.

I also specialise in organizing multi-destination trips in Argentina and its neighbouring countries, either connecting by air or land. I recommend domestic/regional flights for long distances and buses for the shortest ones.

Expert Activities

Martin's best travel experience

It all started with my first trip to Bariloche, Argentina. Up until that time, I had already explored several other Argentinian cities, but it was in Bariloche where I really fell in love! I found lakes, mountains, green forests, snow, blue skies, skiing and hot chocolate. Everything I needed to feel at home. Still today, my passion for this city is endless!

Why is Martin the right travel expert

As I've travelled a lot around South America, I can easily recommend the right activities to include in your trip, depending on your travelling style. For example, soft adventure tours for the more active travellers or small groups sightseeing options for people who prefer short walks.

When I am getting started with a client, I always try to have a quick chat on the phone in order to hear your real expectations about a trip, and then to design the first proposal. We can work together until we find the perfect trip that matches both your desires and budget!