I am the co-owner of Brazil Ecojourneys and the current managing director. I was born in the mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul, in South Brazil. With a science background, I moved to London in the ’90s to pursue my PhD studies and, with the many traveling opportunities that were presented, I found a passion for travel. I traveled so often that my parents thought I was studying tourism instead of biochemistry! After many years in research labs, my travel addiction and a desperate need for fresh air and the outdoors led me into the travel industry.

While working in a renowned Latin American specialist operator in London, I realised that even the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants in the business knew almost nothing about South Brazil as a travel destination. I then decided to move back to Brazil with my partner to put South Brazil on the map and to realise my lifelong dream of living in beautiful Floripa. At the request of our clients, we started to create itineraries for all the destinations in Brazil that we had personally visited and had trustworthy partners.

Marta's Travel Expertise

Brazil is monumental in scale and very diverse naturally and culturally. We have world-class natural attractions such as the Iguazu Falls and the Amazon, so I am particularly interested in designing nature and outdoor trips. Wildlife watching is also one of the highlights of the trips that I design, particularly in Pantanal, the Amazon and whale watching in Santa Catarina. Our coastline is immense, with a great number of outstanding beaches, so relaxation and water activities like surfing are also important to me.

Marta's best travel experience

I have had many memorable travel experiences. However, I always remember the time that we stayed in a hotel inside the Iguazu National Park and were able to see the Falls at 6 am before the park opened to the public. We had the privilege of seeing the sunrise from the Falls with no one around but my myself and my partner. It was unforgettable, almost like a spiritual experience.

Why is Marta the right travel expert

Besides having been born in Brazil, I have been a travel consultant specializing in Brazil for more than 18 years, which gives me the local knowledge to create great itineraries. Despite all this time, what matters most to me is that our clients have a great experience and truly enjoy their trip. As every client is different, we listen to their expectations and interests so we can create an itinerary that is perfect for them. The feedback we have from our clients shows us that we are on the right path.