When I arrived in Chile a few years ago to go backpacking, I did not know the first thing about this strange land at the end of the world. Then, I explored its unique landscapes and met its incredibly nice people, and I quickly fell in love with Chile! From the icy fjords of Patagonia to the moon-like Atacama Desert in the north, my backpacking trip of a few months turned into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

After backpacking around Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina for a year, I settled down in the beautiful city of Valparaíso and started working at Terra Chile. Because of my love and passion for Chile, it made a lot of sense for me to help other people discover this amazing country, from its famous wonders to its hidden treasures!

Marius's Travel Expertise

I specialize in tailor-made trips all over Chile and Easter Island. Whatever you like to do or see, I will help you design original, personalized and adventurous travels while guaranteeing a genuine Chile experience.

Bordered on one side by the Andes and the Pacific Ocean on the other, stretching from the Atacama Desert to the Patagonian glaciers, Chile will never cease to amaze you!

Expert Activities

Marius's best travel experience

The lakes and volcanoes region north of Patagonia may not be the most famous region in the country, but it is there that I truly knew Chile would be my new home. The first time I went hiking in the Andes mountains, got lost in the evergreen, dense forest with giant Jurassic-like trees and laid eyes on wild landscapes scattered with volcanoes, I felt a profound peace of mind I never felt anywhere before. No wonder that this land is sacred in the native Mapuche culture... It has a special energy that leaves no one indifferent. Now I go back there every time I have the chance!

Why is Marius the right travel expert

There are many advantages to choosing me as your travel expert. For one, I work and live in Chile so I have first-hand expertise of the country and its specificities. Also, my colleagues and I are constantly visiting and exploring different parts of Chile so as to find the latest and best places to stay and things to do and see. We go several times a year! Along with the company I work for, I also make it a point of honour to have a positive impact on the native cultures, the local economy and the environment.

But most of all, I genuinely love Chile and I can't wait to help others love it too!