I love to communicate, I breathe creativity, and I always seek to overcome any challenge. I'm also very passionate about the sandy beaches of Portugal, especially the beauty of the western coast, where I was born and bred. Watching the sunset at the end of an afternoon is for me one of the best experiences in Portugal.

My background is in marketing and human relations. Now, I'm very happy sharing stories and curiosities about the highlights of Portugal and helping travelers have an amazing time while in my country. I love to make my clients feel at home and show them what my country has that makes it so special for us Portuguese.

Portugal may be very small in size but it is big in its history and culture. It is also a very safe country. Perhaps the best of all, it has wine and great food!

Marisa's Travel Expertise

I am an expert in private, tailored tours in Portugal, especially for small groups. I always look for the most authentic experiences to capture the Portuguese essence better.
I consider every detail and each tour is tailored to fit my client's needs and interests.

In terms of geography, as a travel expert, I specialize in Portugal's mainland from north to south and the Madeira islands.

Marisa's best travel experience

One unique travel experience I has was when I traveled the Costa Vicentina in Portugal, via a mix of motorcoach touring and camping. I was a young girl at the time, but it was indeed a great adventure that I always remember. I saw incredible beaches and scenery, and one night we decided to go wild camping, on a mountain, looking over the sea! It was the most amazing place I have ever stayed.

Why is Marisa the right travel expert

I devote all my energy to preparing new tours and I am constantly seeking new experiences so that my client's stay in Portugal is unforgettable! I design itineraries according to individual needs and interests, even up to the tiniest detail. In addition, I work with a team of tourist guides that are very passionate about their work and go above and beyond for all the clients.