Greetings from my beautiful country, Costa Rica. My name is Mario, I'm 51 and I have been in the travel industry for about 28 years. I'm a trained biologist, but my career has always has been involved in the travel industry.

I really love nature and am dedicated to the environment. Years ago, I founded a youth environmental organization. As a scientist, I studied manatees in Costa Rica and was part of a team who wrote the first official report about these animals in my country, which was published in an international magazine.

I love to travel and have visited 60 countries so far! I travel 2-3 times a year and love discovering new destinations. When I visit a new place, I especially love tasting local food and beer and chatting with locals about their culture and traditions. I´m always looking for new fruits to try.

Aside from travel, other things I love to do are driving my drone and making videos, and swimming at sandy beaches with crystal-clear water. My favorite food is pasta and BBQ, especially ribs. I also have 3 cats and a Schnauzer named Luna.

Mario's Travel Expertise

I specialize in rainforest and adventure tours. I am an expert in Costa Rican nature, and one of my favorite places is Tortuguero National Park on the north Caribbean side of Costa Rica. The area is like the Amazon, with pristine rainforest and many rivers and channels. Corcovado National park is another great place, located on the southern Pacific side. It was named by National Geographic as one of the places in the world with the most biodiversity.

When I´m looking for relaxing experiences, I visit Arenal Volcano and its multiple thermal pool complexes. I love hot springs and jacuzzis! For more challenging experiences I specialize in white-water rafting, canyoning or ATV-ing through the forest.

Mario's best travel experience

Well, it is hard to choose only one. I have traveled a lot and visited many amazing places. One of my favorite trips was to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. I went there as a backpacker and stayed at Santa Cruz Island, in a small but very nice hotel close to the pier. From there, I took several tours and enjoyed the very rich wildlife of the different islands.

Belize was another amazing experience. I loved snorkeling in the barrier reef with many sharks and rays around me. In Belize City, I had the opportunity to visit the river caves and even took a tour exploring them by tubing. It was just amazing!

Why is Mario the right travel expert

I´m an ambassador for my country and I know it very well. I know first-hand what is happening in Costa Rica and what are the best places to see. For half of my life, I have been guiding tourists to the best spots!

I also have an environmental conscience and practice sustainable travel. I invite my guests to follow the same lines and always everything works perfectly. I own a certified sustainable company (Greenway Nature Tours) and all my tours have important environmental components. Our company also supports a local rural school and Corcovado Foundation, which is a non-profit organization helping to protect this unique national park.

Lastly, I´m a local Costa Rican guy with a 100% local company. Booking with me ensures you will benefit a local agency and support many families.