Originally from France, I've been living in Chile for a few years now. As a passionate traveler, it seemed logical to work in this field and help people get to know this amazing country. I love helping other travelers discover everything that fascinates me about Chile: stunning landscapes, natural diversity, great beers and wine, and kind people.

Since I was born, I've always wanted to get to know other cultures, people, places, and everything that defines the diversity of the world we live in. As soon as I could, I left to travel around Europe, North Africa and the United States. I even lived for a short time in Barcelona. I loved living abroad, so I decided to go further and try new experiences in a very unknown continent and Chile first came to my mind because of its geographic diversity. It didn't disappoint me.

Marie-Lou's Travel Expertise

I specialize in hiking and biking in Chile's Lake and Volcano District, hiking in the Atacama Desert and throughout Chile, ethnic tours, wine tours in the Central Valley and skiing on the active volcanoes of Chile.

I also have knowledge about the following Chilean parts: the lake and volcano district of Chile, national park Torres del Paine, Atacama Desert, Santiago and surroundings, and the Valdivian Coast.

Marie-Lou's best travel experience

Well, there are many of experiences that I'll always remember but I especially love those that made me feel like a local. For example, one time when I was in Morocco I found myself assisting a typical Moroccan wedding in a very remote, rural place without being able to speak a word of Arabic. It didn't stop me from having a great time, sharing and dancing with friendly locals. This is what I love about traveling!

Why is Marie-Lou the right travel expert

Since I myself am such a passionate traveler, I can understand that organization is very important for a trip. I also love customizing trips based on travelers' preferences and adding to this a bit of the expertise gained from living here in Chile. Moreover, we have lots of experience at my company: as a tour operator, Amity Tours has been organizing trips for 15 years throughout Chile.