Almost 12 years ago, I founded a travel company with my sister and business partner, Clara. We started with a boutique concept, specializing only in tailor-made trips in Argentina, and then with time we began offering combined circuits including other countries that we love. We became experts in the countries in South America, including Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

I have been living in New Zealand for the past 3 years and from here I work with clients from all over the world who want to experience South America in an authentic way, creating their own fantastic experiences. Having our in-ground operations office in Buenos Aires, Argentina enables me to be sure that the service we provide is really personalized for each customer and absolutely one of a kind.

Maria's Travel Expertise

Customised itineraries in South America are my specialization. Each traveller is different! The destinations and places I focus on are Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. I also really like all the amazing and exclusive expedition cruises in Patagonia and Antarctica that allow me to offer trips to the most beautiful remote places in the world!

Lodging options are also very important to me and a very special part of the programmes I offer. I really love the boutique properties that we have in South America; charming, unique and hidden places are my favourites!

I also specialize in the challenge of creating the perfect South American holiday for honeymooners, families and well-travelled couples looking for the "real South America", so I always add an original experience from our exclusive catalogues such as culinary experiences, wines, wildlife, trekking, farm visits and local culture.

Maria's best travel experience

One of the best trips I did lately started in Salta, Argentina´s northwest region. Salta is a totally overlooked place and it's definitely one of my preferred places in Argentina because of its authenticity. From here, I travelled to Cachi, a small little town in the Calchaquies Valleys. The place and the local people are so warm and unique, I love this place! I then headed to the Atacama, the desert in Chile, full of marvellous landscapes. My trip continued to Peru, where I visited the Colca Valley and its little villages like "Chivay". It's really amazing to see how the local people keep their culture alive, and you can hear them speaking the local Quechan language. Truly unbelievable. Our final stop was, of course, Cusco and Machu Picchu- the ruins were the jewel of the trip! Cusco is a place where I could have stayed longer, it's so magical.

Why is Maria the right travel expert

I love South America! It's definitely my favourite place to explore. I am a local expert, born in South America, and each trip is still a new and exciting experience.

Unlike other travel operators, I only specialise in South America and have travelled the length and breadth of the continent to source the most wonderful experiences. Picture staying in a luxurious Estancia like a Uruguayan gaucho, or meeting fourth-generation winemakers in a Peruvian vineyard! Our company is all about authentic vacations that help you to discover the beating heart of a country.