Hi, I’m Margaux. I grew up in a cosmopolitan environment in France where I developed an appetite for learning about and experiencing different cultures and places, from aboriginal lands to the volcanoes of Costa Rica.

After working for five years in industries relating to jazz, tourism and communication, I decided to leave everything and attempt my luck in Spain. There, I fell in love with the Madrid lifestyle before finally settling down in Granada. I still love Madrid, and now I also have intimate knowledge of Andalusia. I am also fascinated by the north of Spain—from Basque Country to Galicia—mostly because of the natural environment and its unique gastronomy. One thing I love about Spain is the Flamenco music, which is widespread between Andalusia and Madrid.

I have never stopped learning and don't have any intention to! I love discovering, having new experiences and sharing what I’ve learned. I keep broadening my knowledge and developing my skills, which I put to good use for travellers who are looking for unforgettable experiences.

Margaux's Travel Expertise

Two activities that are my particular specialities are hiking and horseback riding, mostly in Andalusia. In Andalusia, there are several places to explore by either of these activities, such as the Alpujarra, the Sierra Nevada with Mulhacen (the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula), the Sierra de Aracena, Picos de Aroche park and Ronda and its surroundings. I have expertise in all of these areas. As I mentioned, I also know a lot about Madrid, Granada and the north of Spain.

Margaux's best travel experience

One of my most memorable travel experiences is a horseback trail ride (I’m a lover of horses!) through the Sierra Nevada National Park. It was amazing just being connected to the fauna and flora, without wifi! I took the time to observe, to share and learn from nature and people, all of which were part of the adventure. Since then, I have been discovering new places on horseback and sharing my passion through different events such as the Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera and some horse fairs.

Why is Margaux the right travel expert

Having lived in Spain for the last 4 years, I have an intimate knowledge of Spanish culture and I am pleased to share everything I know. I am still always learning and discovering, thanks to my team in Granada and individual experts all over the country. I am also a curious person, which helps me do all the necessary work to design a unique custom-made itinerary specifically adapted to your wishes.