My name is Madalena and I was born and raised in Lisbon, which makes me what we call a true "Alfacinha", a term used to denote a person from Lisbon. I am a lover of the arts and I have a great passion for the history and culture of my country. Following these interests, 8 years ago I decided to change my profession from a conservation and restoration technician to tour guide. I became a professional guide and I am still passionate about my work all these years later. I love to make my clients feel at home and show them what my country has that makes it so special for us Portuguese.

Portugal may be very small in size but it is big in its history and culture. It is also a very safe country. Perhaps the best of all, it has wine and great food!

Madalena's Travel Expertise

I have a degree in tour guiding, which has given me a deep knowledge of Portuguese history, culture and traditional customs. This makes it easy for me to customize tours for my clients, one of my specialities. I consider every detail and each tour is tailored to fit my client's needs and interests. In terms of geography, as a travel expert, I specialize in Portugal mainland from north to south and the Madeira islands.

Madalena's best travel experience

One memorable travel experience I had was while I was travelling in Thailand. From temples and the floating market in Bangkok to the sparkling blue waters of Phuket… I did it all! But the highlight of my trip was the day that I spent in Chiang Mai at a retirement home for rescued elephants founded by Lek Chailert, the renowned elephant conservationist. I was lucky enough to get to learn how to approach and talk to the elephants. The staff gave me a little bucket with food for the animals and taught me how to feed them. I loved seeing how happy they were! Afterwards I got to splash the elephants with water and wash off the mud from their bodies. This was one of the most memorable experiences of my life!

Why is Madalena the right travel expert

I devote all my energy to preparing new tours and I am constantly seeking new experiences so that our customers' stay in Portugal is unforgettable! I design itineraries according to individual needs and interests, even up to the tiniest detail. In addition, I work with a team of tourist guides that are very passionate about their work and go above and beyond for all the clients.